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Why Rolling Your Own Cigarette is Better

If you are a cigarette smoker, then you must have friends or have seen someone who makes their cigarettes using rolling paper and open tobacco. You might have wondered why the people go through so much effort to create a single cigarette and instead buy a regular company manufactured cigarette from the store. It might seem like a tiring process, and using a company made cigarette might seem to be much easier to apply; however, there is a big difference between a self rolled cigarette and the one you get from a store. A person who has a specific taste and would like a genuine experience from the tobacco rolled in his cigarette would make it themselves. There are multiple reasons due to which most people are switching to making their own rolled cigarettes.

A lot cheaper

Self rolled cigarettes are almost half the price or even less than the company manufactured cigarettes. Since you buy your tobacco, which is much cheaper, the amount added to each roll remains the same as in a manufactured cigarette, but the cost is less. Also, open tobacco packets are available in multiple varieties, which means you can select one depending on your pocket and taste. You can either buy a smaller pack which would cost you less or a bigger one.

No Harmful Chemicals

It is perhaps one of the significant reasons people switch to self-rolled cigarettes instead of manufactured ones. The one made in a company is not purely tobacco. Mostly all companies add a specific type of chemical in the tobacco blend to enhance the experience of smoking and nicotine. It would not only make the tobacco effect last longer but will increase the overall impact. However, this isn’t good for one’s health. First, the user will be smoking the tobacco leaves, the harmful chemical added to the cigarette, and second is the excess toxic smoke coming out of the cigarette, which will be more dangerous for people standing nearby. Hand-rolled cigarettes are much better and only contain pure tobacco without any chemicals, which makes it way less harmful than company cigarettes.

Helps in reducing addiction

Since you have to roll and make your cigarette manually or using a rolling machine, it takes a bit of time and effort. Since each cigarette takes time, it reduces the frequency of cigarettes a person consumes in a day. A pack of cigarettes is easy to reach and use. But with self-rolled cigarettes, a person has to spend time making it, leading to the reduction of the frequency of smoking.

Customized blends

With rolling tobacco, the user always has options to make their blends. For example, some smokers like to add two different brands of tobacco in their cigarette, which is more of a personal taste. It cannot be done with the company that manufactured cigarettes. Similarly, not everyone likes the original flavor of tobacco and lookouts for flavors in the market. With self rolled cigarettes, you get a lot of options when it comes to flavored tobacco and flavored wraps. Flavors like a wild berry, chocolate, vanilla are relatively popular among people who buy their wraps and tobacco.

Easier to make

One needs to purchase a pack of tobacco, filters, and wraps or rolling paper to make a cigarette. Rolling your cigarette might take a bit of practice, but in the meanwhile, one can also use a cigarette roller, which does an equally good job of rolling cigarettes. Apart from that, there are a lot of different electric cigarette machines that can help make multiple cigarettes with ease. Therefore, if you are thinking of switching to self rolled cigarettes, then using a machine would be a more comfortable option.

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