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Keyboard Recorder – Benefits, Features, Use Cases

It may sometimes happen that you need to monitor the actions of a person using a computer without the one knowing about it. The use cases can be completely different. You may be a people manager, a jealous spouse or a caring parent wanting to know how your employee, partner, or children spend their time at the pc, what sites they visit, who they communicate with, and what commands they enter. And it is a keyboard recorder that will answer all these questions.

To make it work, all you need to do is to install keyboard recorder on the device you intend to use for monitoring. The principle of program operation is associated with its hidden work, analysis of user actions at the computer, and the provision of tracking results in the form of the HTML report. It is worth noting that there is a fine line between the legal use of the software and malicious espionage determined by the internal motive for their use. So if you want to be closer to the life of your family members or need to be sure that your employees work during business hours, then you are free to use the keyboard recording software.

Why Should You Start Using a Keyboard Tracker Today?

If you want to know who your kid chats with, how much time your employees spend doing their job during working hours, or what hobbies your partner has, then keyboard recorders will help you have a finger on the pulse. Keep reading to know all the features, use cases, and unique selling points of every solution.

The popular majority of keyloggers available on the market today are considered legal and can be safely used with no risk of breaking the law. Software developers declare many reasons for utility use, and it has nothing to do with espionage activities or personal space intrusion. Thus, you are free to use keyboard recorders to do the following:

  • Establish parental control;
  • Make sure that your partner doesn’t betray you;
  • Ensure the information security;
  • Check what your employees do during business hours.

Caring parents are free to use programs designed specifically to protect their children from the dangers of free surfing the Internet. Such applications will control all the actions of children and will automatically block prohibited content. In the latter case, parents will be notified about a child trying to access content that is under a content filter. The notification can be sent either by e-mail or SMS, depending on how the app is set up and configured.

Jealous spouses can use keyboard trackers to control the actions and communication of their partners on the Internet. Thanks to all the functionals of the modern tracking solutions, you will always know what your partner is interested in, who chats with, and what websites they browse.

On top of that, keyloggers are often used at large companies, which is rather a security measure. Thus, the company IT specialists control the misuse of office equipment or the likelihood of data leakage. The best thing about keyboard trackers is that they are installed secretly and are impossible to detect.

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