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What Impact Does Web Hosting Have On Your Online Store

Choosing the right domain name and web hosting solution is one of the key decisions you have to make when building your online store. To ensure long-term business success, you need a web presence that is almost perfect in every aspect. This blog post will identify how web hosting can influence the overall health of your online store.

Unfortunately, the majority of e-commerce businesses don’t consider the significance of web hosting and its far-reaching impact on their web presence. Since you want search engines to rank your web pages higher in the search results, don’t forget to include web hosting and domain name to your SEO strategy. Before we dig deep to identify the impact of web hosting on your online store, let’s simplify a couple of relevant concepts: shared web hosting and managed WordPress hosting:

What is shared web hosting?

Before you figure out which company to host with or what kind of packages fit your situation, make sure to understand the difference between shared and managed WordPress hosting.

Shared web hosting, as the name suggests, allows multiple websites to use a single server. When you utilize shared web hosting, you’ll have no clue what businesses or websites you’re sharing a server with. A group of websites that use a single server have a certain limit on the server resources they can use.

While shared hosting might be an economical option, it’s not ideal for an online store. From slow load time to lack of optimization options, shared web hosting comes with various disadvantages. For online stores, it’s recommended to use managed web hosting. If you’re ready to take your online store to the next level in a cost-efficient way, don’t forget to use managed web hosting promo codes.

What is managed WordPress hosting?

A managed WordPress hosting is a priority for those who can’t compromise on rock-solid website security and fast performance. Besides, managed WordPress hosting provides you with the technical support you need to manage your online store efficiently; the hosting company handles all aspects related to keeping your website running smoothly. If you want to explore more about the best-managed hosting solution for your website, check out the 10web review!

The impact of web hosting on your online store

Your online store has to deal with competition in your industry unless you’re selling something surprisingly unique. While the performance of your online store depends on several factors, let’s see how Beste webhosting can impact it:


You need a reliable web host that can keep your online shop up and running at all times. In other words, you shouldn’t be trusting a service that can keep your site up most of the time. Buying a cheap hosting solution is like hiring an incompetent security guard that isn’t dependable. So, choose the right web hosting provider so that your prospects and customers don’t find it difficult to trust your online store.

Page Speed

How long do you think an average internet user can wait for a web page to load? Studies suggest that more than 50% of people will leave a web page if it takes more than 3 seconds to load. Factors like page speed play a critical role in your SEO efforts.

Having said that, it’s important to consider how web hosting can impact page speed. Marketing experts talk a lot about web hosting when it comes to page speed. Since page speed is one of Google’s ranking factor, you shouldn’t let slow page speed cost you customers and money. If you want your online store to stay at the top in SERP, choose the right host for your online retail shop. Some hosting solutions and package are faster than others. So, make the right decision the first time.


Every second your online store is down will have a direct impact on your SEO and bottom line. People who have had a bad experience with your store once are less likely to return. Uptime is simply defined as the time during which a server is up. Ideally, you should choose a hosting provider that has the best uptime rates so that your online shop stays up and running nearly all the time.

Technical Support

Issues are inevitable when it comes down to running an online shop. You need a certain level of technical support from your hosting provider to address ongoing problems. Non-stop support will make it easy for you to reduce the negative impact of unavoidable problems. If your web hosting provider doesn’t provide the necessary technical support, you’ll end up investing a great deal of time figuring out and solving technical issues.


Your online store must be designed in a way that its visitors feel comfortable when sharing their personal information. To improve your chances of achieving sustainable growth, your online shop must ensure a desired level of security so that people can trust your shop. Now, you may take security and privacy seriously, but you can’t trust every web hosts with your sensitive data. So, before you trust a web host, be sure to learn about their security practices.

Why e-commerce and managed WordPress hosting go hand in hand?

The more satisfying the user experience, the more likely your website visitors are to make a purchase. This is why e-commerce and managed WordPress hosting go hand in hand. Managed WordPress hosting enables high performance when you need it most. For example, managed WordPress hosting can help you witness a tremendous increase in traffic. The worst thing your online store can go through is a situation where you miss out on sales when prospects are eager to make a purchase.

Final Takeaway

Building and running online stores is a modern way of selling products. Managed web hosting is at the core of digital transformation. Every e-commerce business owner should realize the importance of the right web hosting to ensure their online shop is fast, secure, and user-friendly.

It’s an established fact that web hosting can have a considerable impact on your online success. Whether you already have an online store or planning to develop one, make sure your web host is reliable, secure, and affordable.

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