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Why is it Important to Protect Your Medical Information

You don’t have to search for details of data breaches for long before you discover a multitude of breaches that impacted millions of account holders. A slightly closer look will lead to you discovering that there has been a progressive increase in the number of cases recorded year on year.

Hackers are keen to capture private medical information and sell it, use it to target more people, commit more fraud or steal money from your bank account(s). They have many different methods for achieving this and have been highly successful at it to date. There is no information that is personal to you that they cannot use in some way, shape or form.

Some of the ways that they can use your personal data is to apply for bank loans, credit cards or identity documents. If they gain access to your health insurance details then they can have procedures carried out and have your insurer pay for it.

In short, you need to do everything possible to safeguard your private health information and medical history to avoid becoming a victim of a hacking attack. These are just some of the steps that we recommend you follow. As a business it is also recommended to learn more about GDPR for small business.

Take these proactive steps to keep your medical information safer.

Keep a close eye on all available medical records pertaining to you to ensure that there are no mistakes. The main thing to watch for here is a medical treatment that is either booker or was administered that you had no knowledge of. If this is the case then there is a strong possibility that someone is using your information to have this treatment paid for.

Check with you all of the clinics that provide you with care to find out who they share your information with. You must be given the option to opt out of having this information shared. The same goes for any online platforms or accounts that you are signed up for. If you are no longer using an app or health tracker then make sure that you deactivate the account as soon as possible to stop your information falling into the wrong hands.

Also make sure that your health insurance card is completely safe as this can be used to commit identity theft. Try and never share the details of any treatment you are receiving or where it is being administered. This data can be used against you if it is obtained by the wrong individuals.

Carefully choose how you allow your healthcare company to send you information. Any important information that is sent by email should always be encrypted. Deselect all other types of communications as they are just too risky.

If you are holding copies or duplicates of your personal health records then you must make sure that they are 100% secure. Delete files that you no longer require, completing an audit every few months is a wise step. If you save any on a laptop or server then make sure you are using the best antivirus software that you can reasonably invest in. If you cannot afford this then do not leave it on the server. Make a hard copy and put it somewhere that cannot be accessed by anyone.

It is possible to avoid having your valuable information stolen by hackers or other criminals if you adapt a sensible approach and remain vigilant. If you need more information then make sure you contact an expert in cybersecurity.

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