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5 Key Application Areas for Cloud Computing

Cloud computing has revolutionized different areas of business processes. You can use the cloud for different applications – from communication to backup to big data analytics. The applications of cloud computing consulting services continue to increase as the technology keeps evolving. Here are 6 applications where the cloud is benefiting organizations of all sizes and is redefining the rules.

1. Chatbots

The vast computing power and limitless storage capacity of the cloud allows you to store more data about your users. The result is that you can develop chatbots and engage in highly personalized communication based on user preferences and behavior. You can develop powerful chatbots that make the most of the computing power of the cloud to deliver customized and contextual customer experience.

2. Backup

No matter how advanced IT infrastructure became, data backup always consumed time and remained complex. Firstly, the process of backups is time consuming. Secondly, maintaining backup hardware is both complex and expensive. Thirdly, there are always potential risks such as running out of storage or hardware failure. Even when it came to data restoration, it used to be a time consuming affair. Not with cloud computing. You can not only schedule timely backups, the process is quick, and there is no limitation on storage size. Since cloud storage is highly reliable, you will not have to worry about server failure.

3. Communication

This is another important business area where you can benefit from cloud computing. You and your team can have network-based access to different communication tools. This helps store all your messages and related files and information on the cloud. The data is not stored on your own devices. This means you and your employees can access the required data from anywhere. It is worth mentioning that the most popular messaging apps available today rely on the cloud.

4. Big Data Analytics

Another advantage of cloud computing is that it empowers you to access organizational data and analyze it to gain valuable insights. The limitless capabilities of the cloud allow big data analytics to improve decision making, prevent risks, and make better predictions.

The right cloud computing consulting services can make it possible to mine vast volume of data. It provides you access to not just unlimited storage capacity, but also higher computing power and a wide range of tools. All the latest big data tools are actually based on the cloud. Cloud computing makes it possible for you to analyze big data in real time on a budget.

5. Development & Testing Environments

The cloud also allows you to create the perfect development-test environments for launching your applications. With the cloud computing there, it is no longer required to set up physical environments. You can create and disassemble testing and development environments while reducing the costs.

Your test teams will not have to wait for securing the budgets. The testing and development projects will no longer be limited by resources. Besides, the environments can be scaled as per your requirements without having to worry about the budgets.

6. Application Development

Cloud-based platforms provide you vast resources to create the perfect application development environments. No matter where you are developing web applications, games, or mobile applications, you can create scalable and multi-OS platform to deliver better user experience. The result is quicker and easier development process, and increased cost savings.

Thus, there are so many application areas where cloud computing consulting services can prove to be beneficial. It helps improve overall productivity, enhances business processes, makes data backup and restoration more reliable, and integrates social media data into your analytics with ease.

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