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What skills do you need to become a successful content writer

It is easy to see why thousands of people have lofty aspirations to become content writers. There is flexibility as to where, when and how you work. This all contributes to an enviable work environment.

However do not be fooled. Being a skilled writer is no longer enough to compete in a congested market. You must have a range of skills that you can call upon when required. Whether you are writing for the first time, or trying to improve your writing to a level that sits above the competition, we have created a list of skills required to be a prosperous writer.

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  1. Perfect your ability to change your writing tone

Different types of content writing require diverse styles that take a lot of practice to master. Academic writing and essays require a formal tone that offers insightfulness and opinion. Blogging and article writing requires a conversational tone that is engaging and provokes response from its readers. Creative writing requires strong themes and a flowing style.

To be a popular content writer you have to write as much as possible and play around with your tone. Gather constant feedback from experts and other writers and learn to adapt your writing tone to match the project.

  1. Perfect your ability to know what the reader wants

Understanding your readers is so important. The most effective content writers understand this concept and create text that connects with there readers.

Create articles that plays on the emotion of readers and is likely to incite a response. Choose titles that are likely to draw readers in further. Seek out which writing themes are popular and gain traction.

  1. Be yourself

‘Be yourself, everyone else is already taken’ – Oscar Wilde

The most effective content writers know what the readers want and understand the formula that is fruitful but never lose sight of who they are as a writer. The most popular content writers understand their style of writing and play to their strengths.

Are you an antagonist? Great, play the devil’s advocate when you write. Or do you write to inspire? Motivate your readers to take action. There are clones everywhere in the writing industry. Don’t lose your originality at any cost.

  1. Be Social media savvy

The most successful content writers are also those who are the best at having an effective social strategy. To build a following you must be prepared to put time and effort into managing your social media platforms. If you tweet, post and engage with your audience regularly, the more people you will have interacting with your material and the bigger the likelihood is of becoming an influencer in your writing niche.

  1. Be SEO savvy

The best content writers are fantastic at working SEO into there writing and understand the performance of keywords and phrases. It is the expectation of most clients that blogs, articles and web based material is SEO specific and boosts search engine rankings. The greatest content writers deliver SEO results.
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Mary Brains is a professional freelance content writer at the essay writing service and entrepreneur with vast experience in blogging, article writing and academic writing. What other skills are required to become a successful content writer?

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