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Features that every School Management System must have

Managing a school requires diligent efforts so that every procedure is efficient and effective. Schools are no more the same, and with the evolving education sector, school management has become competitive and challenging. They can no longer sustain by following the traditional ways of managing, and they must adapt to technological intervention for seamless operations across all departments. That is why School Management Systems have become an integral part of the school administration.

They automate several manual tasks and make several other complicated and cumbersome processes efficient and effective. With every school having its requirements, they must choose a software that fulfils all their requirements and provides the right features. Here are some key school management system features to look for:

Efficient and effective admission management

The admission season is usually characterized by students and their parents scampering from one office to another with a pile of admission forms and supporting documents. The school management also has to process vast volumes of forms and documents to complete the process, followed by sending admission confirmations to each student.

But all of this can be automated and streamlined through the school management system. The entire admission process can be made online making it smoother and quicker.

Effective communication tools

A dedicated communication feature in the school management system enables the schools to have open, and continuous communication between teachers, students, and the administration. This system can manage multiple queries, provide feedback, and redirect the concern of students or parents to the respective departments, resulting in quick response time and better resolution of queries/issues. It can also send important messages, notifications, exam timetables, pending payments, holidays, etc.

Attendance and time-table management

Taking attendance at the beginning of each class is a time-consuming task that needs to be done daily. This makes the proceedings slow but there is a margin of error that can impact the overall attendance percentage of a student.

But with the automated system, all this can be done with just a click of a button. The teachers can keep a tab on the student’s attendance, streamline their attendance, check the timetable, apply for leave, etc.

Integration of Artificial Intelligence

Companies across the globe from different sectors are beginning to use AI to streamline their processes. It helps in automating several processes and increases efficiency and accuracy. For schools, AI has been a great help in the transportation management of school buses. From auto-routing, auto allocation, and auto-optimization, AI has been helping schools better manage their fleet of buses, saving time and effort in organizing this otherwise arduous task.

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Online payment & fee tracking

Schools often struggle to manage the admission fee, additional fees for different activities, examination fees, and all other payments. But online payment and fee tracking features make all of this really easy. As the system goes online, it can be done within a few seconds, without any errors. It also allows payments by credit cards and other online platforms making it more convenient for the parents to make the payments.

Student information & parental portal

Every detail regarding the students – admission, attendance, homework, leave, fee, payments, examination, grades, etc can be stored in one place. That allows teachers to access the required information easily. On the other hand, having a parent portal helps parents participate in their children’s education. They can have access to all the information related to their children. This feature also it makes easy for the parents to communicate with the teachers.

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HR and Payroll management

While most school management systems focus on managing everything related to the students, it makes a huge difference in making school management more efficient if the software has the HR and Payroll management features. This will streamline employee details, new recruitments, leave and payments management, etc. So, apart from managing the fee and other students’ payments, the software will also take care of the staff-related work.

Academic analysis tools

A large number of schools still believe in offline education, but the truth is that things are shifting towards online. So, having an online assessment and assignment feature can be of great help. Teachers can give assignments online and access the performance through this tool easily. This also gives them a chance to create shorter, quicker assignments and assess students regularly.

Final Thought

There is no doubt about the fact that school management systems have become a necessity for schools in today’s competitive world. They streamline a lot of time-consuming, manual tasks and make most processes error-free. From providing a better communication channel to enabling parents to be more involved in their children’s education, these systems can do it all.

But you need a CRM system that provides you with the right kind of features that fit your school’s requirements, and Flavor provides just that. A comprehensive solution for all your needs, Flavor’s School Management System can be customized to fulfil your requirements so that you get complete worth for your money and make use of a feature-filled system that promises to make every process more efficient.

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