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How Virtual PBX Phone Systems Work

There is a revolution in business phone systems and services happening now and businesses need to understand why this is occurring and what benefits it can bring to their companies.

Traditionally PBX phone systems are expensive to purchase because the equipment has to be bought outright, installed and maintained in the office. These systems are not very expandable so if you want to increase the amount of people on them, there are limitations. If your business exceeds the growth you project, you can often find yourself having to buy a larger phone system that is even more expensive. When you move your office phone system will also have to be moved causing you to incur more expensive installation fees.

Finally, these phone systems are not very upgradeable. When new and more desirable phone services become prevalent and needed, you again have to buy an upgraded phone system. For large companies these expenses are a pain but for small companies that have to consistently manage their financial resource, it means that they often have substandard phone systems that do not contain the services that will allow them to compete with larger companies.

Virtual PBX

A virtual PBX phone system is very different from a traditional PBX system in one very important way. Virtual PBX phone systems function online allowing users to make calls over the internet. All of the important tools regarding your phone system is hosted in the cloud instead of being on-the premises of your business. The only difference to you is that instead of plugging your phone handset into a wall socket, you will plug your IP phone directly into your VoIP enabled modem. A virtual PBX system eliminates many of the challenges and limitations of traditional phone systems, and provides a range of additional benefits.

A digital PBX phone system is securely stored on your phone provider’s server and is maintained and managed by the provider. The service is accessible and configurable by customers using a user-friendly customer web portal. The phone system is set up for everyday use and delivered into the business via an assignable modem. The business purchases preconfigured ready to use handsets, or computer-based softphones from which calls can be made and services accessed.

Virtual PBX is Perfect for Small and Medium Sized Businesses.

For businesses requiring up to 30 phone lines. Virtual PBX is ideal. There is low cost, easy set up, and a range of business level features. And the phone system can easily grow as your business does.  Because the phones are shared on an internet connection, there is a limitation to the number of phones you can put on the service and still have it function flawlessly. However new technology including 5g is making the service more robust every year.

One great feature for quickly expanding businesses is that Virtual PBX phone systems can be operated from different sites anywhere in the world. This way you can go global and take your phone system with you. And you can make phone calls at the lowest rates no matter where you are or where you are calling.

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