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12 Tips On How To Get More Followers On Instagram As A Company

Instagram is the most well-known social picture network of the world and belongs to the Top 5 of the most popular apps in Germany. That Instagram makes sense for companies and can be a successful marketing tool , we have already shown here . With which tricks you can get more followers in the social network and build up reach, you can read now!

Tip 1: Make The Right Preparations

Of course, the best prerequisite for a broad follow-up should first and foremost be a well-built profile. As a company, you should create a business account that the followers can contact directly. Even meaningful names that can be found again, as well as a good profile picture are among the most important basics. Give your potential followers some info about you and your business. Which “basic equipment” you still need, here in the quick overview:

  • Link your Instagram profile to your website
  • Think about what content you want to post like
  • Choose filters that you want to use in the future to increase the recognition value
  • Create an editorial plan or a content calendar
  • Do not post too often!
  • Analyze your target audience. How is she talking about your business? Which hashtags does it use?
  • Have at least 15 posts in your profile ready to show that you’re active

Tip 2: Use Hashtags

Preparations have been made and you can now set to work to build new subscribers. Be sure to use relevant and especially viral hashtags in your posts. You may have already encountered some during the audience analysis. Look at your competition too. Which hashtags are used by them and do they also suit you? Popular hashtags draw prospects onto your profile, which may soon become new followers.

Tip 3: Establish Your Own Hashtag

It may also make sense to establish your own hashtag. Do you have a motto, slogan, or something that fits your particular product? Use it as a hashtag to strengthen your brand. Once your community starts using this hashtag, you can look at the context and other terms it uses. You can use the most relevant hashtags for future posts. Nike uses the slogan “just do it” in the example. This hashtag is used by many other fitness-minded users.

Tip 4: Use User Generated Content

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To get more Instagram followers and to diversify the feed, many companies rely on User Generated Content (UGC). This means content, in this case videos and images that were not recorded by the company itself, but by its users. Such content looks authentic and involves the followers in their own corporate strategy. There are several ways to get to UGC. You can, if you have established your own hashtag, investigate who has used this. If you find the pictures good and relevant, you can use them (of course with permission of the owner) in your feed and link the corresponding account. You can also start sweepstakes to target user-generated content. For example, indicate as a participation condition, that the users should post a picture with your product and the appropriate hashtag. Again, these actions can provide companies with more followers, as users usually feel flattered when they find their photo on a corporate page.

Tip 5: Start Sweepstakes

A well-known and popular way in Instagram marketing is to win games. If you want to give something away on Instagram, you can take advantage of the terms and conditions. For example, ask the participant to link 2 friends under your post to enter the contest. You have the chance to win the linked friends as new followers. To understand later if your raffle has really brought new fans, you should make a note of all the linked people and later check that followed them.

Tip 6: Ensure Exclusivity

Also, a good way to get new followers is to promise exclusivity to your fans. If they follow you, they will get information and insights that they will not get anywhere else. Or you will only be given discounts on Instagram. Give your Instagram fans a special feeling and soon new followers will gather on your channel.

Tip 7: Create Shoutouts

You know other instagrammers that address a similar audience like you and deliver good content? Ask for a shutout! Instagrammer draw attention to each other’s profiles at shootouts by mentioning them in a post. However, this method should come across as naturally as possible so that users do not feel spam. So you have the chance to win the foreign target group as new fans and in turn share your followers with the other. A give and take! Here is a small example:

Tip 8: Working With Influencers

Increasingly, influencer marketing is also being used on the company’s image platform. Cosmetic brands and co. Work together, for example, with large multipliers who have become known on YouTube or Instagram itself. But you usually have to take some money in your hand. Find an influencer that caters to your audience and builds a large subscriber base. This could advertise for you and your company against payment or other rewards (e.g. the free sending of products) on its profile.

Tip 9: Interact With Others!

Interacting with other users can also increase your follower count. Just follow other profiles you find interesting. Maybe these users will follow you directly back. But do not overdo it, because it does not look too good if you only have 10 followers yourself, but 1,000 subscriptions to others. Over time, you should also avoid some profiles that have not given you a like.
In addition to subscribing, you can also try for the first time with likes and comments. According to the well-known 5-3-1 rule, you have to like five posts and comment on three posts by a user to get a like from him. Because many users feel flattered when a company like their own posts or even commented. This can be automated with FollowLiker. Get the solution here when FollowLiker is broken.

Tip 10: Let Pictures Speak

You were in a place that others perceive as interesting because they were there already? Then post that in your posts! Finally, geo-tags can help your business find and subscribe.

You can also have your pictures talk directly to you by including a call-to-action. For example, you could write something in the text or image like “Follow us for more …”. There are no limits to your creativity, but also use this remedy in moderation and not in bulk!

Tip 11: Put On Fan Communities

A very good and at the same time enriching way to attract subscribers are fan communities. Within Instagram, some user communities have been established on all sorts of topics. These communities appear as a normal account with its own hashtag. Here, however, not only own content is posted, but presented in the community manner images of other Instagrammer. For you, this means that you can use the hashtag of the community to possibly repost and, on the other hand, find a whole list of like-minded people to interact with.

Tip 12: Advertising On Instagram

An obvious step in Instagram marketing, which can also target the acquisition of followers, is advertising. Via the Facebook Ad Manager or directly via Instagram, individual posts can be highlighted or entire accounts advertised and thus revealed to a broader mass of users. That brings not only likes and comments, but also lots of fans.

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