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What developments will Evolution Gaming Bring to Live Blackjack Games in 2019?

If you play live black games regularly, chances are you’ve played a game by Latvia-based Evolution Gaming before. Founded in 2006, the software provider boasts of serving more than 150 online casinos across the world. It is the largest live dealer casino provider today and one of the most respected brands.

This year, Evolution Gaming is set to introduce a horde of features on its live blackjack games. Below is a rundown of what to expect.

Wider Variety

Evolution Gaming’s most popular live blackjack game is a 7-player set played with standard blackjack rules. Players are linked to dealers in the casino’s Riga, Rome, or Atlantic City’s live studios. Real cards are used during the game.

The game also allows a ‘bet behind’ option. With this feature, more players can watch and bet on any of the 7 players in the game. Another variant, Blackjack party, is geared for maximum entertainment. A TV-trained host and dealer take turns chatting with fans as they bet.

Evolution Gaming looks set to expand its list of live dealer games. The casino’s mission is to be the best live casino developer in the world after all. Judging by the provider’s recent history, players can expect games focused on entertainment, low bets, and unlimited scalability.

A Wider Variety for VIP Players

VIP players are always looking for better services. They wager a lot, and as such, expect improved deals compared to everyone else. Late last year, Evolution Gaming confirmed it would make VIP live games a priority in 2019.

Currently, the company offers VIP live dealers with specialist croupiers and state of the art studio rooms. Depending on the casino, Evolution Gaming may offer dedicated rooms for VIP players. All the games are available on both PC and mobile devices.

Evolution Gaming has plans to improve its VIP studio rooms. First, it will increase its private blackjack tables from three to five or more. This will happen in tandem with the increment of baccarat and roulette tables. Secondly, the settings will be different and more advanced.

As you can see from the current evolution gaming VIP live blackjack environments, the background settings are purple, gold, platinum, and red. With more studio rooms expected to be launched later this year, VIP players will have more choices of where they want to play. In spite of the changes, VIP live dealer studio rooms will have only one manager per room.

More Languages Supported

Since its launch, Evolution Gaming has mostly focused on European markets. In recent years, the provider has been trying to customize its live games to be easier understood by players. UK-based players are linked to native English-speaking croupiers. German, Swedish, Italian and other markets also have native players as croupiers.

While the dealers speak the native language, the games’ systems have often been set to the English language. Evolution Gaming is trying to change this by making all language settings customized to suit native players. Since their main target group is the UK market, nearly all customizations will favor European languages.

Stadium Blackjack Games

Stadium blackjack is a relatively new live dealer that allows up to 44 players to participate in the same game. Unlike Evolution Gaming’s ‘behind the bet’ concept, all players have a chance at hitting 21. A dealer stands in front of a table and deals with everyone a common hand. That’s right. All gamers play the same hand in the best way they know how.

There are electronic terminals to help players. They can surrender, split hit or make any other moves. After players place their bets, the dealers issue two cards to everyone for the next round. Community cards are used for all players that split, doubled down or chose to hit. If the dealer busts, the terminals alert you if you won or didn’t.

With the new blackjack concept increasing in popularity, Evolution Gaming is highly likely to develop its version of the game. Last year, the Latvia-based provider made the first move toward producing stadium blackjack games by purchasing Costa Rica based company Ezugi.

Although a small company, Ezugi has been developing stadium blackjack games and other live dealers for a while. With its new acquisition, Evolution Gaming has the tools and licenses needed to improve hybrid blackjack games and introduce them to more European online casinos.

An Increase in Solitary Table Games

After Blackjack Party received mixed reviews, Evolution Gaming got an idea to provide games for players who enjoy more private settings. They released Salon Privy Tables, giving high rollers undeterred attention with dealers as long as they wagered €1,500 or more per bet.

When regular players learned about the games, they demanded 1-on-1 gamers with lowers minimum bets. So far, Evolution Gaming has done all but confirmed the release for a solitary blackjack game with minimum wagers.

If the company fulfills players’ wishes and releases such a game, it will probably be the most on-demand game online. It’s unlikely this will happen due to cost-effectiveness. But imagine being in a live dealer with a croupier alone and betting €50 or less per round.

There’s no dealing with strangers of varying personalities. You get all the attention you want in a serene environment and the choice to play several rounds without having to spend ridiculous sums of money. Of course, this will be harder to provide for reasons already mentioned.

However, Evolution Gaming may avail a solitary blackjack game with slightly lower minimum bets. Instead of the current €1500 minimum bet for 1-on-1 live dealers, the company could deliver a game whose minimum bets are €100-€1000. That way, casinos can afford to offer the service and attract regular players into the game.

To Conclude

As live dealers continue to gain a stronghold in online casinos, one software provider is benefiting the most. Based in Latvia, Evolution Gaming is the biggest provider of liver dealers amongst Europe’s top tier gambling sites.

The company provides all kinds of live dealers. Its collection of blackjack is particularly huge and is bound to grow even bigger. Before the year is over, expect more games, better deals for VIP players and other unique features.

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