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Managed IT Services: What Field Services Does Your Company Need?

Field services refer to any type of work that’s conducted on-site. This usually involves the installation of products, hardware repairs, or maintenance for your customers. Fortunately, if your business runs on multiple locations, there are several field services you can choose from.

Nowadays, managed IT services are considered an essential part of any business. This is a strategic solution in the deployment of new technologies across your multi-site infrastructure. Hiring managed information technology (IT) services may be one of the solutions for growing your firm. With a top-rated service company, you can get access to a highly trained and committed IT staff that will help you manage your business. Check You can scale your business through these available services in the market.

That being said, here are field services that your company needs:

1. Smart Hands Services

This is a comprehensive on-site IT field service that works best for multi-location businesses. Additionally, it’s also an end-to-end IT service starting from dispatch, check-in and check-out, to making sure that the IT professional has the right qualifications for the job.

But, before choosing the right field services for your company, you should consider what options are available and see if these align to your company’s needs, like:

  • Hardware installation
  • Routine physical inspections
  • Wireless and wired network troubleshooting
  • Staff augmentation and helpdesk services
  • Backup tape changes
  • Office adds, changes, and expansions
  • Power cycling and server reboots
  • Network cable installations or modifications
  • Cross-connect installation and testing
  • Large scale office rollout and deployment assistance

2. White Label On-Site IT Services

With this type of managed service, providers and OEMs have the opportunity to bid on and win reasonable pricing for coverage in any remote location. This way, you’ll have a wider reach and maintain a competitive advantage by extending your service footprint nationwide.

If you’re in any of these lines of businesses, you’ll reap the benefits from these white label on-site IT managed services:

  • OEM hardware manufacturer
  • Property management company
  • Outsourced IT and MSP firm
  • Franchised brand owners
  • Telecommunication carrier

3. Tailored Technology Deployment Services

If you’re looking for local and strategic solutions, there are tailored technology deployment services available in the market, today. This can be tailor-made depending on your brand’s voice, your objectives, demographics, niche, and environment.

With this type of service, it’ll give you an edge over your competitors and maximize your benefits. You’ll also broaden your reach, meet your target budget, finish your projects within your timeline, and reduce your overhead cost.

So, if you’d like to get that edge over the competition, consider having tailor-made services, like these. As an example, you can browse through and check if they offer the services that best suit your business requirements.

You can customize according to your needs and environment, as well as, benefit from same-day deployments for services, like:

  • Kiosk installation: This caters to businesses that want to achieve optimum brand reach. The services included are custom kiosk design and installation, in-design process, site survey, full kiosk assembly and installation, trades provision, device maintenance, removal or relocation, content development, hardware shipment, and logistics.
  • Signage installation: This includes services like kiosk clean-ups, building and mall permits, and total digital signage solutions to help you scale and grow your business further.

4. Network Installation Services At Scalable Pricing

Whether you’re a new firm or an existing business looking to upgrade your multi-site infrastructure, there are a lot of available options out there that will cater to your needs. But, you have to choose the service that best fits your customers’ and your business needs.

Another part of the comprehensive on-site IT field service available in the market is having site surveys or install switches and routers to your network, too.

Choose the right on-site network installation for your business based on these key items:

  • Connectivity: Choose the service that provides a fast and reliable connection for your customers. This will bridge the gap between them and your product and services. This ensures a seamless and disruption-free experience for your customers.
  • Budget range: There are plenty of options available, but choose the service that fits within your allotted budget while still able to address your business needs. Strictly working on a specific budget range for your managed IT services will save you from any unnecessary costs.
  • Compliance: Make sure to choose the service provider that delivers best practice specifications and complies with industry standards. This ensures that your business runs and operates within the industry regulation.
    This will not only save you the risk of committing any violations, which most of the time, involves costly settlements, but it also shields your business reputation from any negative impact from noncompliance.
  • Market-leading technology: When choosing the right on-site installation for your business, go with the service that’s built on market-leading products and technology. You can take on a targeted approach through the use of tailored technology deployment services.
  • Needs and requirements: Before making your final decision, make sure that the services offered by your preferred managed IT service provider will be able to cover your business needs. For instance, if your business demands custom solutions for LAN, WAN, and WLAN, check first if they offer management and optimization, as well as, monitoring for such connections.

If you’re not sure about your area’s network connection, choose a service that offers site surveys. Some providers offer a detailed on-site inspection to help determine whether your business sits on a good Wi-Fi location or a dead zone. So, it’s important to do proper research and weigh the advantages and disadvantages of your business.

5. Multi-Site Technology Rollout Solutions

When you have new clients, you’ll have new projects, generating more business for you. What does that translate to? This usually translates to using new technology. But, as your business grows, so does the space, staffing, and other costs that come with it.

Deployment of new technologies across your multi-site infrastructure can be burdensome. But, you have the option to get a partner capable of handling multi-site rollouts nationwide.

Here are some examples of technology rollout solutions that you can tailor according to your needs:

  • Hardware upgrades
  • Hardware break or fix
  • Point of sale equipment rollouts
  • Moves, adds, and changes
  • Structured cabling
  • OS upgrades and migrations
  • VoIP conversions
  • Project management

Benefits For Your Business

When reviewing information on the right managed Healthcare IT Services provider for your business, consider what field services your business requires before making that final choice. While there are many options available out there, you’ll benefit more from a service provider that offers solutions customized to your needs and environment.

As your business grows, so do your unique needs and goals. That’s why solutions tailored to your business requirements make for a better choice.

Here are some points to review how your business will be rewarded:

  • Helps reduce cost: If you choose the right field services for your business, you’ll benefit from saving you money. There are potential partners out there that offer bundled packages at a much lower cost. An example of such bundled packages may include services, like midnight runs to data centers, assembling a new rack, debugging and rebooting servers, running cable, installing network infrastructure, removing viruses and malicious software, and swapping tapes.
    Also, you don’t need to think about extra expenses, like hiring staff, purchasing equipment, or setting up a new location. So, make sure to choose the best managed IT service provider that will take care of it for you.
  • Decreases downtime: One of the perks included in partnering up with a managed IT service provider is it decreases your downtime. For instance, if your business requires cabling solutions, go with high-quality structured cabling installations that meet TIA/EIA-568 C, IEEE, and BICSI guidelines. You can then delegate your responsibilities and have more time to focus on your strategies and scaling the business.
  • Having a secured network: Building trust with your customers is essential. Having a secured network provides them that peace of mind.
    Among the major concerns when partnering up with managed service providers include data leaks and security breaches. So, find a partner that can provide consistent vulnerability assessment and regular testing. This preempts possible network breaches or attacks. Your managed IT service provider should be able to monitor and upgrade your network when necessary.
  • Scaling your business: You’ll be able to scale your business as other responsibilities are delegated to your managed IT service provider. Choose a partner that you can collaborate with and discuss with them your business growth strategies. Get them involved so they would better understand your vision of the business’ future direction.

This will allow them to arrange the appropriate and tailor-made solutions that best fit your business needs and goals. With the support from your managed IT service providers, you can focus more on implementing your projects successfully across multiple locations while maintaining your competitive advantage.

In Conclusion

With field services, you can manage and improve multi-site infrastructure and equipment through a variety of essential services, like installation, management, and repairs. As customers look for that differentiated service and support, choose the managed IT service provider for your business that helps increase customer value.

If you find the field services partner that’s the right fit, it’ll make a big difference to your business’ accountability, reliability, scalability, and ultimately, success.

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