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One User’s Thoughts On Buffered VPN

Buffered VPN won the User’s Choice in 2016. For me this baby means much more than anything else as no other certification can prove actual trust of people.

Given the hype, I decided to investigate Buffered on my own. Below will be my personal thoughts. All opinions are my own. They can’t be treated as justice of the first, instance though. If you feel like getting more data on the matter – feel free to check out this professional Buffered VPN review.

Baby steps

The buffered site was my first stop on the journey towards the truth about this VPN service. The site is OK. It’s not good or great but hey, it’s not terrible or awful either. The interface is clean and content is laid out accordingly. I never got lost. I found the download page as well as all supporting documentation without breaking a sweat.

Most VPN sites I’ve encountered earlier don’t even have that much in their favor. The buffered site is this VPN’s strong side in my opinion. The absence of live support, on the other hand, was a major turn off for me.

The feel

Buffered feels nice. The interface is rather simple. Settings are automated. You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to run the app without breaking a sweat, which is nice.

Buffered works on all platforms I had. They are Windows for desktop, Mac for laptop, iOS for iPad and Android for my Samsung Galaxy.

The Connection was rather fast. I could freely stream a 1080p video. This is nice, especially given I live in the US and my connection is garbage by default. This one is peculiarly strange as the company is not known for having many servers.

The treats

What are the particular features Buffered VPN is proud of?

  • Multiple connections. You get five of them, which is enough per a small family of three or for a dude with lots of devices like myself. Whatever the case, most VPN providers offer as little as three simultaneous cross-platform connections and with Buffered I got five.
  • Bandwidth. To put things simpler – this one is the max amount of data you can transfer trough a VPN. With Buffered there is no limit!
  • Data logging. Buffered does not store or log your activities and/or internet history. Even if your government requested it there simply wouldn’t be anything to display.
  • Simplicity. I’m not sure whether this is a feature or not, but I decided to include simplicity as Buffered offered me one of the best UI/UX experiences I’ve had in years. This VPN is tailored for beginners because of its intuitive design.


Buffered is rather cheap if compared to other top notch competitors in the field. You’ll pay as little as 9.99 per month with a yearly plan. As the addition, money back guarantee is in place in case you won’t feel like using Buffered after a quick test. Outcome? I liked the app a lot.

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