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Unlocking LG G Tab 8.3

Freedom is mandatory. It is a right! And to be effectively used, it should exist in all the spheres of life. Whenever you are stopped from enjoying freedom, there is an instant need to react.

Too heavy? Well, it certainly is but that doesn’t negate the importance of freedom in any manner. You need it throughout your life. Ok, let’s get easy!

Talk about Smartphones and Tablets – when you purchase them, they are more usually locked for use with a specific SIM card. This means as a buyer you are compelled to take services from a specific network connection only. Isn’t this a freedom breach? It sure is and so you need not comply with something incorrect and unreasonable.

Just because network companies are trying to gain customer retention, doesn’t mean that you’ve to go with them even after disliking them. There are multiple network connections and you should be free forever to choose anyone depending on tariffs, services, discounts and schemes.

Do you own an LG G Tab 8.3? If yes, then it is important that you get it unlocked now. That’s because unlocking gives you freedom – a necessary ingredient for survival!


Why to unlock? How to unlock? What to take care of? Let’s pick all these one by one:

Why should you unlock your LG G Tab 8.3?

Though the reasons of unlocking are simple, yet they are important. Apart from giving you lifetime freedom to use your tablet on any network connection, unlocking offers several more benefits. While you’re travelling abroad, an unlocked tablet proves useful. You could use any SIM card on it, a local one too, so your hefty roaming bills can be avoided.

Unlocking the LG G Tab 8.3 is also necessary as it will increase its resale value. That’s because following users will not have to get it unlocked and will be able to use their existing network connections. Unlocking is also beneficial as it doesn’t make any of your phone features non-usable. Voice and data features remain intact as before. Other than this,

  • Unlocking is 100% legal and safe
  • Unlocking is a onetime process that’s quick and easy

How should you unlock your LG G Tab 8.3?

When you decide to get your tablet unlocked, firstly look for a cell phone unlocking service agency that offers unlock codes. Now visit their website and submit details they seek. Usually such websites ask for the IMEI number, current network name and email ID. The IMEI number is easily obtainable by dialing *#06# from your keypad. After you confirm the payment, you will get a uniquely identified unlock code on your email ID.

What to take care of?

Though unlocking is pretty simple but to ensure there’s no issue, it’s important that you remember some points. Firstly, the network name you mention in the order should be the one you currently use. Do not mention the one that you want to use after unlocking.

Secondly, always recheck the IMEI number before submitting the order. And lastly, if the number of left-over attempts to enter the unlock code is ‘zero’, do not place your order.

Well, that’s all about unlocking your tablet. We’re sure you will do it easily and successfully. However in case you face any issues, you can contact the third party agency for assistance. Reputed third party companies will always be happy to help.

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