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Published on June 17th, 2020 | by Bibhuranjan


What to do when your phone is lost or stolen

Smartphone is possibly the most important tool that a modern person has on her or himself.

It allows us to communicate with people over distance and has a plethora of utility that simply makes life easier (whether it makes life better is debatable, but certainly easier). It’s our picture book, encyclopedia, newspaper, bank and mirror all at once. When we go out we may forget our keys, our wallet or even socks, but very few people will leave their smartphone behind.

Therefore, it is no wonder that losing this device, either to thief or ill luck, is one of the worse things that can happen to a person these days. Sure, not -the- worst, but it sucks pretty badly. Rather than cry and then go and buy a new phone, though, we can take certain steps towards getting the old one back.

What are these steps:

If you decided to have a tracking app like Find My iPhone or Find My Mobile, use them.

Go online and find your phone, and do it fast, because if your phone’s battery dies, the app will not work. If that fails, you should go to the GSM operator whose SIM card was being used in your phone.

That operator will lock your phone and protect your account from invasion of privacy. Your phone’s IMEI number will also be blocked, therefore making it impossible for a thief to use your phone to call people.

Afterwards, next best thing to do is to inform the police. Take all of your phone ownership documents with you; your buy agreement, your receipt, invoice, phone’s box, everything. You will need your IMEI number as well as your warranty card.

Police will slowly catch up to the crooks and has a fair chance of getting your smartphone back.

You can also add your phone to IMEI24 blacklist database. There is a chance that the thief will try to check up your phone’s IMEI number on, and you will be notified if they do.

Good luck!

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