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Published on February 7th, 2019 | by Bibhuranjan


Upgrading IT Infrastructure? Here’s Why You Should Hire an Expert

Every IT manager or CTO in charge of ensuring that their organization has the IT resources it needs will at some point or another be confronted with the question of how to handle infrastructure overhauls.

Communications technology is evolving at an astounding rate, and as new tools become available to make employees more efficient and effective in their work, IT managers need to figure out how to provide for the increased capacity these new tools require.

Whether an office runs on Wifi or provides every employee with a desktop computer, as new technology places demands on bandwidth it becomes increasingly important to ensure the underlying infrastructure can handle the increase in communications traffic. But how is an already-busy IT manager to go about upgrading infrastructure on top of their regular duties?

Macintosh HD:Users:andreforget:Desktop:Excellinx 2.jpg

The short answer is that it is very difficult to do so, which is why most IT managers will look for outside help when it comes time to undergo an infrastructure overhaul. Companies like ExcelLinx Communications provide the kind of network cabling installation Toronto IT managers need if they want to increase the IT capacity of their office spaces.

Not only does ExcelLinx have extensive experience serving the needs of businesses in the Greater Toronto Area, its full-service, start-to-finish approach covers everything from the consultation and site-survey to the design, materials supply, installation, and certification, they also provide maintenance once the office is up and running again.

ExcelLinx specializes in high quality solutions for modern businesses, and their services include structured cabling, network cabling, and cable upgrades (they provide fibre optic cabling and Ethernet LAN cabling, including common categories like Cat6 and Cat6a, Cat7, and Cat5e) that are designed to provide the bandwidth, reliability, and connectivity that the 21st century workplace requires.

When considering an infrastructure overhaul, it is common for IT managers to do more than simply increase their cabling capacity, however. When upgrading cabling, it also makes sense to re-imagine an organization’s audio-visual capabilities.

As telecommuting becomes a more common practice, it makes sense to invest in new, state-of-the-art AV tools that can help make collaborating remotely easier. Given the added burden this places on an office’s IT infrastructure, it makes sense to figure such changes in when upgrading rather than coming back to it in later years.

For all these reasons, IT managers looking for network cable installation experts who understand the needs of the modern workplace and can provide solutions tailored to meet them, network cabling companies can be a huge time-saver. And when installation is complete, IT managers can proudly declare that their offices are equipped to meet capacity needs for years to come.

As the second decade of the 21st century comes to an end and new technology fundamentally re-writes the rules for how business is done, many IT managers are thinking to the future and planning how they can prepare for tomorrow’s changes today. In many cases, future resilience will rely on making upgrades to capacity and infrastructure now, which is why it makes sense to work with network cabling experts who understand where structured cabling technology is going.

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