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How to Use Custom Labels for Marketing Your Business

In today’s world, the most successful business people are the ones who know marketing their businesses well. In the marketing of your business, you apply several tricks and techniques. Using custom labels is one of them. They are excellent means promoting a business. You can come across several ways to incorporate them into the things that are used in everyday life. As fun items your followers will like, custom labels are designed as per your business nature. You can even make your own stickers, the way you want.

Have a look at the ways you can use stickers for promoting your brand:

Use labels for your products

To market your business, you need to work on your product labels. For having an excellent product label, you need to take care of everything from the selection of a container/box to design, print, and packaging. Before you order for your custom labels and stickers, you should get your container. Whatever a container you select, it must be of superior quality. Keep the size of containers in mind while placing an order for personalized stickers. Apart from size, you should be careful about design, color, and code before finalizing and placing your order.

Promote your business by using local transport

In today’s world, you can come across advertisements everywhere, and the means of transport are one of them. In fact, the ads you see on buses are large stickers. Trains, taxis, bus shelters, and other objects in public places are excellent to advertise your business. Select the right means of transportation, get permissions from the concerned authority, order custom stickers, and use the transport means for your business promotion. People will be aware of your brand in and around your locality.

Use custom stickers for marketing your special offers or discounts

In your business, you come up with discount offers like Mega Sale, Special Sale, Season End Sale, and Stock Clearance Offers to draw customers to your business. Here, you need to promote your offers or discounts in several ways – email, social media, call, and electronic/print media. Apart from these, you can use street walls, your store window, and floors for promoting your business. Get the right, and relevant stickers designed & printed and stick them to different places in and around your stores. You will surely fetch customers to your business.

Present labels and stickers as gifts

In your business operation, your staff give their best in what they have to do. Some of your employees outperform in their departments/works. Their done works add value to your organization. So, you should appreciate that employee. You can reward him/her for his/her work. For this purpose, you can get stickers designed with print of Best Performer. Request him/her to keep it with him/her for showcase. Besides, you can use labels as your corporate gifts. With this, you can maximize your brand exposure.

Use custom labels and stickers to socialize your business

In our life, we come across several commercial and social events. People in a large number come up and enjoy at such an event. Whether the event is commercial or social, it uses several things from decoration and lightning to beverages and meals. Get in touch with the event organizer, seek his permission, and supply water bottles with your custom business labels. Apart from water bottles, you can stick your stickers on different objects at the event to let people know your business.

Use stickers on your storefront door

If you have a walk-in office or storefront, window stickers are easy ways to leave information to people when your store is open or closed. On window or storefront, you can easily display your business hours, discount offers, sales, or contact details via transparent labels specially designed for you. With the support of a professional, like ICustomlabel, you can have professional designs for your business.

Use your custom stickers on packaging

Similar to your storefront and car windows, the package that carry your product leaves a significant impact on how consumers take your business brand. With a custom label, you can spruce up and personalize your product packaging. You can get personalized stickers as per your packaging shape, size, colors, and designs. With the support of a professional, you can design and print your own labels or stickers for advertising your business.

Stick custom labels to your staff dress

Requesting your employees have custom stickers on their outfits will be very beneficial for your business promotion. Whether it is chest pocket or back of your employee’s outfit, you can get relevant stickers. By sticking labels to employee’s dress, you will advertise your business on the go.


You are free to use stickers in your own ways for your business promotion. Applying your creativity, you can come across several other ways apart from the above. Whatever the methods you use in marketing your business with custom labels, it must be planned well, and the stickers must be of eye-catchy.

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