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Backlinking on a Low Budget

Business maintenance is not free of charge. However, with a closer look, one may understand that a lot of these expenditures target additional activities which are not mandatory for every single business. This applies to digital marketing and more so to the SEO business tactics. A significant part of business growth here belongs to connections within the niche. Talking about SEO content, this implies high quality backlinks. We will discover how to make use of the power of backlinking while at the same time keeping budget as low as possible.

Top Tip: Quality Content

To increase the value of your website’s content for the reader, it must qualify for getting backlinks. The only condition to getting this done is having good quality content already posted on it. You don’t have to chase becoming the best among your niche; however, you have to share that information which is useful for your readers and fully uncovers your business persona.

Google will rank your website highly only if it offers some value and trustworthiness.

According to the ranking spearheaded by the Google search engine, it will be determined how much real value your content may offer. Ranking in the first rows not only means that the readers and potential customers will see you first among the competition. Also, it will demonstrate to your niche that your business is awesome and they will want to enter a backlinking relationship with you.

Of course, it’s not enough to simply have some good quality text on your website’s pages. In addition, you will need to take care of its format. For example, an appealing interface and additional features will increase engagement on your website. Also, visual aids, such as video tutorials and infographics, will make content more structured and interesting to read. And you don’t need to invest a lot in this type of content. Don’t forget to make sure your blog is easy to navigate because this is how your potential partners will find the most suitable articles to which they could backlink.

Sharing the Value

Once your website is up and running, it’s time to think about the structure of the content that will be offered to the entrepreneurs and partners in your niche in order produce the most value possible. When looking for backlinking partners, do not waste your time on the websites which do not seem reliable enough for you personally. It is a tough endeavor searching for authors and experts who look credible, share your voice, and rank well in Google. The idea of backlinking lies in a two-way connection so you should always remember that suspicious and unreliable websites will bring down your ranking.

In order to build reliable relationships, you should pay attention to those businessmen and authors who not only present their content well, but also make use of reliable backlinks themselves. By studying which blogs refer to this particular business, and which posts this business refers to, you may learn a lot about the brand itself, such as the tone of voice and the importance of audience in the eyes of this business. This knowledge will help you promote your own content better.

Build the Partnerships by Submitting the Pitches

Once you are sure your content is decent enough to start building some partnerships, go ahead and make some requests to the businesses that you admire. Pay attention both to the backlinks used by these websites and to the backlinks which link to this website as well. The most reliable connections within your niche will be important to capitalize on for you, because they will allow you to build two-way trustworthy relations with them. In such a way, you will be able to appear in multiple places and join the backlinking party as others will start to reach out to you, too.

Make pitches that stand out

The next step is the design and submission of your pitches. You may offer your potential partners to write a guest blog post and add some backlinks to it in order to start a reciprocal relation. Or you may resort to a press release that will allow niche journalists discover more and share the information about your business. You may also hunt for some outdated backlinks on your partner’s site and offer to replace them with your own – new, valid, and informative ones.

There are two main avenues of communication with your influencers – social media and email. No matter which one you choose, your message must convey the value which the partnership with you has to offer. To avoid getting lost in the trash folder, make sure that you have a catchy subject line. The goal of your message must be clarified in one short sentence, it must be strong and convincing.

The best way to demonstrate your value in the pitch is to show some engagement in the activity of your influencer to whom you’re addressing the message. The best way to demonstrate such engagement is to show some quotes from this business that have already been added in different places on your website. You may also ask them for advice and include this advice as a big statement in one of your blog posts. In such case, there is almost no chance they will refuse to enter a backlinking relationships with you because you’ve already done the first step and shown their importance to your business.

What about Money?

If you have a special budget allocated for this task, make sure to focus only on the top-notch businesses: reliable business listings, top quality directories, and really well-ranking sites. They will not only place your backlinks but you can also be sure that they will be working for your benefit for a long time.

However, the idea of paying for backlinks is not appreciated by Google. It’s considered as cheating because it’s one of the main criteria used by Google in ranking your website. Therefore, you should approach the task smartly and utilize the ‘nofollow’ condition in order for the search engine to understand that you are not trying to fool it and simply buy higher ranking. On the contrary, your goal is to get more organic traffic which, in its turn, will bring you up the ranking ladder.

While Google opposes the idea of paid backlinks, this only reinforces the statement that it’s not necessary to invest money in high quality backlinking relationships. They will not even be considered as trustworthy by Google. In other words, a credible business can get some reliable backlinks without investing in it. The main driver of this process is the value demonstrated by the business – this is exactly what we mean by saying that quality content is the king. This factor is decisive is we talk about trustworthy, legit, and efficient backlinks and ratings.

Influencers’ outreach

On the same note, there is a popular trend of arranging reviews of product by niche bloggers. If they mention your product on their social media or website, it’s already a reliable link to you – the seller. Also remember about social media where you can build long-lasting and trustworthy relationships with your partners, fellow bloggers, and niche businesses.

As a successful entrepreneur, you already understand that it’s no use to waste money somewhere where the return will be the same as if no investment was used. There are multiple free ways to get decent backlinks and improve the ranking of your website. Use Google Alerts or even more advanced tools to reach out to your niche influencers. Trustworthy backlinks come with relatable relationships and minimal investments by using the ideas we have offered you.

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