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What are the Benefits of Vanity Phone Numbers?

Modern-day consumers choose to buy from companies they can contact anytime, and they can easily relate to. Businesses that use unforgettable marketing strategies, advertisements, and activities are always at the customers’ minds.

Businesses using exceptional call tracking services and vanity phone numbers in their marketing activities can significantly increase customer response.

A vanity phone number is a catchy sequence of numbers, customized for a specific business. Though businesses opt for website advertisements and social media, they should also give attention to their telephone services because there are customers who want to make that call.

Why are these catchy numbers significant for your business?

This unforgettable sequence of numbers is not only viral. They are also beneficial in engaging customers and generating real results that will get translated into numbers and figures.

For most people, memorizing numbers can be challenging. Some even struggle to memorize their numbers. How much more when they’ll have to remember your business phone numbers?

Under such a situation is where vanity phone numbers come in handy. Just imagine how easy it is to memorize a toll-free number that spells out a business service or product. Indeed, 1-800-STEAKLOVERS is more memorable, catchy, and exciting than a toll-free number you can’t memorize.

Aside from easy recall, here are other benefits of catchy and unforgettable phone numbers.

They are more professional-looking.

Whether you’re trying to improve your brand or starting your own business, catchy phone numbers can provide a straightforward yet fun way of reaching your customers. This gives the impression that you value their time and that you are serious about your offering.

It also shows them that your commitment to offering high-quality service. If you thought about how your customers can reach you quickly, it also shows them that you care for them. Calling these numbers is cost-efficient, and your VoIP provider can add this feature. This added feature will give you the advanced technological flexibility you won’t get with local numbers.

It gives your customers an idea of what you do.

By using catchy and memorable numbers, you also show your business’ individuality. By merely looking at your number, your customers come to know precisely what product or service you’re offering. You can ask your VoIP service provider to incorporate your service or product to your number. Good examples would be 1-800-DENTIST, 2-766-COMPUTER, or 1-888-PIZZA. Make your number simple and avoid confusing spellings.

They serve as your marketing tools.

Some businesses, as part of their advertising efforts, print their company name and phone numbers on their delivery vehicles. It would be easier to remember a number when it’s visible on a truck that passes by you. Your customers don’t just remember your company name and but also the number, and it’s mostly because the number can be easily recalled.

If you need expert advice on what catchy number is fit for your business, contact Talkroute today. They will not only help you come up with a memorable and fun toll-free number, but they will also help you build your brand’s identity and grow your business.

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