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Paid traffic vs free traffic – which should you pursue?

If you have a very well known and highly respected business you may feel that you don’t need to pay to attract traffic. However, you’d probably be wrong!

Traffic is simply the number of people that visit your website. But, despite the fact there are 4.54 billion people on the internet, every business is faced with a huge amount of competition. You need to make sure that your name is in front of these people.

Organic Traffic

Organic, or non-paid traffic, generally attracts site visitors through careful placement of quality content which has internal links to ensure readers will click through to your site and purchase something. It is a valuable source of traffic.

In fact, the content that generates this type of traffic is written for more than just creating traffic. It’s designed to supply information and build a community, effectively looking after existing customers and possibly attracting a few new ones.

Paid advertising can’t do this, you need to provide the organic content that keeps your customers interested and using your services.

Paid Traffic

As mentioned, there is a lot of competition in every industry sector, in order for you to stand out you need to get your name in front of people searching for your type of product. The most effective way to do this is through paid advertising that increases your traffic flow.

It’s best to get a specialist PPC management company to help you create the right policy and approach. As its name suggests, paid advertising is going to cost your business, you need to make sure that every pay per click placement is worthwhile. A dedicated company will help you select the right placements and monitor them to ensure they are effective.

Perhaps more importantly for new businesses, paid traffic is fast. You set your profile up and people will be clicking through to your site within 30 minutes. This can be an effective way to generate profits and, if it works, you can easily scale up the payments and increase the profit levels.

Paid advertising allows your firm to be visible to a large number of people and can increase your sales, therefore your profit. It is time-consuming to manage lots of different campaigns but its also the fastest way to grow profits and awareness of who you are.

Which Should You Pursue?

In a perfect world, your business would be so well known that you never have to pay for advertising. But, in the real world paid advertising will give you results faster and more reliably than organic traffic.

This means your focus should be n paid advertising. But, you can’t afford to ignore the organic. Over time the flow through non-paid routes will increase and your attention to these channels will build your reputation as well as help you to look after your customers.

In short, you need to do both but, especially if you’re a new company, you need to focus more on paid advertising and use a PPC management company to help you get where you want to be.

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