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5 Ways to Drive Organic Traffic through Social Media

Today, nearly half of the population of this world uses the social media platform. In 2019, Statista revealed the report estimated that there will be around 2.77 billion social media users around the globe that is 4% higher than last year. From Facebook, Twitter to Instagram, the asset of attention remains in the hold of the internet that justifies why it is essential to make social media a part of business strategy. With that immense traffic and frequent usage of social media platforms, corporates, industries, brands, and SMEs have already been spending millions of dollars in marketing their product or brand.

So, why not take the advantage from social media to drive such a potential audience on the website and leverage our businesses?

Especially when advertisements and incredible marketing tools are provided to boost business revenue. Therefore, whether you are trying to establish a startup business or willing to increase traffic on your website, let’s unleash the potential of social media and utilize this effective way to drive organic traffic on your business website.

Short, Useful Proactive Tweets

Twitter can make a significant impact on organic traffic in many ways. By following the relevant identities and sharing the quality content enrich with strong call-to-action, one can help grow organic traffic flow effectively.

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Therefore, start actively using Twitter by following the right audience with the content that they are interested in. By gathering the information of your customer persona start posting short, useful and proactive tweets along with hashtags that can get 21 percent higher interaction rate comparatively to long and irrelevant content. By the time the post starts getting noticed it will make it evident how relevant tweets are helping your content to appear in search engine queries as well.

Francis Unson, a professional social media expert and Social Marketing Expert, stated that Google itself uses Twitter to discover new content and drive organic traffic to website effectively. Hence Twitter itself instantly boost traffic if hashtags and the right amount of information is posted in the active hours of Twitter. With strong CTA and Pinned tweets on to your website.

Tips: Besides tweeting the best of your knowledge, tips and ideas it is a smart practice to follow, recommend, and request for Re-tweet to brands which has most of your target audience or like-minded individuals. With the best of tweet engagement activities, it will help the audience to build relationships with your brand.

Share & Promote Your Site Blogs

Think about what makes you visit other websites when you are using Facebook or Twitter? Is it just an image or is the idea of knowing complete information about a particular subject? When it comes to boosting traffic, blogging and to share it with the right audience is highly effective.

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From writing a comprehensive blog to sharing it in relevant groups, you will eventually notice how people interact with posts and learn about the information and practices that brings value to them. Besides how informative blogs and useful articles helps in boosting the social media engagements, a blog with quality content and relevant keyword search, it will help you drive organic traffic from search engines gradually. With catchy titles and creative images, you can grasp the attention of users instantly. However, we highly recommend keeping the quality of the content highly prioritized.

Therefore, start posting on your website that genuinely helps the website visitors. It could be infographics, how it works videos, facts and guide about services you provide. The more interesting content is actively posted on social media, higher chances would be to increase traffic locally and globally.

Instagram Stories and Facebook Live

Whether you own a business of consultancy firm or a coffee bar, live Instagram stories will help visitors to know information and details that will eventually bring them to your website when you will share potential sales, services or even products on to your site.

With Instagram stories, helps users to know the everyday progress and development of the product and brand. Through creative IG stories, follower gets the exclusive information directly from the brands/firms, teams that ultimate help in building a relationship with the customer base. Once this goal is achieved, it can instantly help you boost not only the traffic but also sale by adding a swipe up CTA on IG to their landing pages.


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Besides how IG stories would boost visibility, Facebook Live Sessions can bring great attention to your brand. You can ask the lead experts of your team to weekly or monthly organize live sessions on Facebook where people who followed your business page can interact live and ask questions instantly. You can also request them to share your live video with peers that immensely help in boosting traffic as Facebook allows you to PIN the website / social media links to the live videos and people can follow site for more information quickly.

Recommendation & Sharing

Let’s say you are planning to blog about your consultancy experience for Startup Companies. Your experience and tips you are willing to share would require detailed research work to support your idea and knowledge you are willing to share. While writing the blog, try to mention a website that provides you stats and facts to back your content. Once you add or mention them into your site blog, email them and inform them that you have given their reference into the content and if they consider it right, then request them to share your blog link on to their social media.

Similarly, you can ask companies to give your product a shout out on IG or RT (retweet) from your business account to promote you in their circle. These are the latest yet most effective ways that not only improve your brand impression on social media but also encourage your customers to visit a website with a quality impression that you have built with the proficient social media strategy. Regardless of how impeccable your business strategy is, it is crucial to follow strategy that works for your brand, however, avoid old practices that might harm your business negatively.

Make Content Easy To Share

Be it blogs, article or even occasional deals on your ecommerce website, if it is still wrapped up in the old fashion or with static layout web design then chances are your visitors will skip the content sharing on their social profiles. Therefore, make your web content and layout extremely user-friendly, especially blogging, article and news section by integrating social media sharing option that encourages them to share content with their peers.

Besides making the content easy to share, it would be another extra plus to your business if your visitors will get notified whenever you publish an article/blog. With a variety of push notification plugins, you can help your new and old web visitors to get a desktop notification that will drive them to the website and helps your business to increase ROI.

Bonus Tip: Sharing and marketing your content seems pretty much hefty task, consider tools like Hootsuite and Buffer that are efficient at managing multiple brands for a variety of social media platforms. Create a post using Canva that is one of the most demanding tools in creating stunning posts.

Simply schedule your post weekly according to the active hours of different social media platforms that help in building brand awareness which eventually drives traffic. Besides how powerful strategy you start working on to drive traffic, a quality website with beautiful UI / UX that can be acquired from top software companies in Dallas can incredibly help capture quality leads and make your brand first impression everlasting.

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