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The 4 Building Blocks Of Setting Up A Website

There are a few essential components what you require when setting up a website.


The domain is the custom name that you choose for your website. This is the name that visitors type in the address bar to go to your website.


A website’s design is created by using shapes, colors, and visuals. It is the basic look of your site before the content is added. Design costs vary in pricing as it is based on your individual preference, for example:

  • Custom logo
  • A custom or premium template
  • Novice or professional designer
  • Web design agency fee


The host is the platform that stores all your website files and makes the website accessible online. Files can include JPG, PNG, MP3, HTML, and PHP. The hosting can become expensive if you require specific hosting features due to intensive applications or heavy traffic. Hosting Foundry has a lot of comparisons on the hosting you’ll need.

Forward-thinking functionality

Advanced features can boost the cost of your website significantly. Since mobile has become a crucial element of the internet, websites regularly require optimization for all screen sizes. You can create a version of your site, which is designed for each device, or you can opt for a responsive design. E-commerce is another well-liked addition. Online stores can diverge from simple to comprehensive. If you are running a small store, then a DIY shop will most likely be adequate. However, if you are looking to build a catalog that rivals big name brands, then the costs will be significantly higher.

Now that you’ve created the website, here are the three routes you can take in building your website:


The most affordable choice would be with a DIY website builder like Wix, WordPress, or Jimdo. These website builders can offer you professional results without the need for coding or backend views. You have control over what your site will be looking like,and all the changes done to the site would be immediate. These website builders have built-in templates.


A professional web building company can save you time, practicality, and money. It is highly recommended that you’ll at least keep partial control of your site. Make sure the domain is registered under your name.


Corporations that requires a comprehensive website is going to pay a significant fee for the development of their site. These websites must communicate a considerable amount of information to several audiences and therefore require a large size with thousands of webpages. More advanced features include multi-user login, audit logs, and substantial databases. They will also have ongoing costs with regards to maintenance and updates which are done through an agency, developer, or web designer. For this application, high-end hosting like cloud solutions will be required.


You must think realistic when deciding about what is necessary for your website. Most businesses or individuals who are building a website opt for a DIY website builder. However, if you’ve examined your situation and found that you require the assistance of a professional to create your site, then there are several options to choose from that will suit your needs.

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