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How to Change Your Post Office Address Online for Free

It is wise to consider altering your email delivery if you left the town for some moment. It’s best to avoid piling up your mail while you’re away. It can be a red flag for criminals and may also lead to significant mail being misplaced.

If you do not need your post when you are home, consider bringing your mail to a trustworthy neighbor or storing your mail for the time you are out. If either choice doesn’t function and the mail is required, the United States Postal Service can forward the mail to a temporary address in two different ways.

When to Put Your Mail Delivery On Hold

The minimum mail delivery time is two weeks. Put your mail on hold if you plan to stay for less than two weeks. This stops the delivery of your e-mail for the specified time. The mail can be sent to your home if they hold ready, or you can receive it from the local post office.

United States Postal Service Options

The United States Postal Service offers two options to have your mail sent momentarily to the next address. Services may be done in person or online at a post office. You will be given a confirmation number when you register for either option. Keep this number as necessary if your email forwarding preferences are canceled or updated There will be different details and costs for both mail forwarding options

Standard Mail Forwarding

The regular mail forwarding plan with low charges is the most affordable option.

  1. Duration: You can use this service only for two weeks, or for as long as one year if the change to move or address is temporary. You can extend it for a further six months after the first six months.
  2. How You Can Enroll: At your local post office or online, you can register.
  3. Cost: If you register in a post office, you are free. If you sign up, a $1 fee will also be indicted via a credit card.
  4. How it Works: Each piece of mail is sent separately (one by one piece). Packages will not be sent, and magazines will only be distributed within 60 days.

Premium Mail Forwarding

The more expensive service includes weekly mail and requires a credit card.

  1. Duration: The service is temporary and may be used up to a maximum of 1 year for a minimum of 2 weeks. For addresses using a PO (Post Office) box, the premium forwarding service option is not currently available.
  2. How You Can Enroll: An entrance fee of $20.10 is relevant if you are signing up online in a retail post office, or $18.45.
  3. Cost: A weekly fee of $20.10 for each service week is available in addition to the registration fee. The weekly fee must be paid through a credit card.
  4. How it Works: The mail is sent to your shipping address via a priority mail service and packaged every Wednesday. Each week the tracking number for the delivery will be sent via email to your account. You will also receive a notice if there are no mails to be delivered. The weekly package arrives within 1 to 3 working days, according to the distance.
  5. Additional Details: Any prior mail and express items will be diverted immediately to the address of forwarding. Priority mail items are either renewed or listed as quickly as possible in the weekly package. All the first-class mail items not covered by the weekly package are sent separately at no additional cost.

How to Cancel or Change Mail Forwarding

You will specify an end date on the form when making a temporary post for a quick or a holiday move. The system will be discontinued immediately on that day, and the initial mail will be sent again. You can do this electronically if you want to adjust or cancel the mail forwarding program. You just need your zip code and the verification number that you got first. This form can be used to post office change of address online to the date or to temporarily apply an address into a permanent one.

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