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How to Protect Dry Goods During Shipping and Storage

A lot of time and money is put into the design, manufacture and packaging of goods. An equal amount of effort should also be expended in preparing products for shipping and storage because if this part of the process is not completed to a good standard, there is increased risk that items will be damaged, customers dissatisfied and the business may experience financial loss. Fortunately, there are options to protect goods during transit to ensure they are received by the customer in the same condition as they left the warehouse in. Read on to find out more about solutions to protect your dry goods.

Dry Product Protection

Regardless of the type of product, adhesive, chemical, foodstuffs, medical or resin, there is a dry product protection solution available. Here, we look at some of the most appropriate products for dry product packaging.


Liners are made from robust aluminum barrier foil. The foil prevents elements such as water and air from coming into contact with the goods and restricts odours from being carried in or out. Liners are an extremely flexible protection option; available in a variety of sizes and pre-prepared to neatly fit storage solutions such as Gaylord Boxes and Octabins. On their own these boxes do not guarantee the safety of items but partnered with aluminum barrier foil, the journey is likely to be a much more pleasant one. If drum and pales are the favored storage option for your business, high barrier laminate is the answer for shipping and storage protection needs. In fact, by using the laminate, steel cans are rendered obsolete, allowing you to opt for fibreboard or corrugated outer packaging. Not only does the laminate shield items from climatic variables, but it also allows hot-filling up to 320F.

Aluminum foil is also used to guard shipping containers, ensuring end-to-end protection during transit. The foil is available to fit most size of containers, making it easier to transport atmospherically sensitive items across distances.

An advantage of using aluminum barrier foil is that the material can be molded to suit, for example, storage and transportation of powders and granules is made easier with big bag liners that have top and bottom spouts – both a practical and safe response.

Bags and Sacks

These products are ideal for quantities of product that are not bulky or an awkward size. The bags are made from aluminum barrier foil, ensuring that the contents are well guarded against moisture. The bags are a popular choice for a range of industries including pharmaceutical and electronics. The sacks are similar to the bags, but have a valve fitted. The valve allows for one way release of trapped air. If your storage space is compromised, the sacks offer a smart solution – they can be stacked without any danger of slippage. The sacks are hermetically sealed and the heavy-duty material is tear and puncture-resistant.

Desiccant Packs

For added protection of valuable items, desiccant packs offer a quick and simple solution. The packs are made from barrier foil and filled with a desiccant. The role of a desiccant is to absorb any air, moisture or odor present in the surroundings. The product is common in a range of industries including clothing and pharmaceutical.

Rolls, Tubing and Sheets

Also made from aluminum barrier foil, these products are ideal for the Form, Fill, Seal market.

Getting advice

If the variety of dry product protection is confusing, then it may be worth speaking to a company that have years of experience in the industry such as 3D Barrier Bags, so that you could ask any relevant questions about the specific dry goods you’re looking to ship, and those in the know can advise what would be the most suitable for your type of product. After all, investing in the wrong type of packaging for your dried goods could mean huge losses for your business if your products don’t arrive at their destination in the state you intended them to.

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