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Published on February 25th, 2022 | by Ali Dino


List of Celebrities Who Actually Paid for Instagram Followers

When we are talking about celebrities, it is rare that we ever discuss their fame on social media. Because we already know them from the TV, we would normally assume they’d be famous on these platforms too. 

However, this is not always the case or at least it used to be.  It only changed with the introduction of fake followers and likes on various social media platforms, especially Instagram. 

Instagram as a platform doesn’t allow you to buy Instagram followers directly from them. But it will almost sell you anything you want. 

But today we will be talking about the third-party business that the celebs turned to by some of those sweet and easy followers on FeedPixel

If you are to ever consider buying, after reading this you will start to feel like it is a phenomenon that has been long normalized and you were left behind.

After all, buying some to propel your account and thrust it towards popularity is not a carnal sin to ask forgiveness for. It’s just these celebrities seem to have overdone it. 

#1 Kylie Jenner

It is no wonder the first on the list is a member of the Kardashian family. Most of you might even have guessed it was going to be one or more of the Kardashians here. And you would all be correct. 

Because, if Kylie takes the lead in terms of fake followers, the next person in line is her sister, which we will reveal next.  

She has over 220 million subscribers on the platform, but when you look at her posts and the number of engagements she gets from them is miserable. Of course not everyone who follows her comments or likes the pictures that are for sure. 

But could that be the majority of her followers? Because her engagement rate is said to be 3.50%. 

There are many sources each pointing at a different person to be the person with the highest fake followers, but most seem to agree that it is one of the Kardashian

#2 Kendall Jenner

So, the next person on the list happens to be her sister Kendall. It is reported that she has almost 160 million followers on Instagram with only a 3.58% engagement rate.

That engagement rate again is way too low than it is supposed to be even with consideration that most people would not really engage.

If you were to check out her IG page, you would find out that the average like she received on a post is from 1m to 10 million with comments circulating around 10k only. 

For a person with almost 200 million followers, these numbers just don’t add up. Seems like we perhaps did not need to point a finger at her. As it was already so obvious.  

The next person on the list is someone you would not normally expect since he was the sweetheart prodigy child of Hollywood.

#3 Justin Bieber 

When you hear that Justin Bieber was rocking some fake followers it is really hard to believe. But when you look at the numbers, then you definitely are going to be like oh yeah that makes sense. 

He currently has about a 190million followers closing into 200. But the number of likes he receives on an average post is about 500k. 

That is a ridiculously low number compared to the number of followers he has. It is not to judge him or something. 

But why buy too many fake followers when you are already a celebrity and you don’t have to prove that to anyone. Especially in Justin’s case. 

There probably are many reasons why he has this small of an engagement on Instagram. But those are the topic for another time. 

#4 Rihanna

Many people did not know Rihanna had fake followers until one moment when she lost more than 2 million or so followers in a matter of minutes. 

That happened when Instagram was conducting a purge against all the bot accounts. That doesn’t still mean that all the fake followers she had were all erased.

It just means that some of them were caught in that purge. She now has more than 100 million followers and she receives about 1% of that in likes. 

In fact, one of her latest posts only had 4000 (something) comments on it.  Again, not criticizing or judging, just analyzing such a big gap is possible. 

Imagine you are a Rihanna fan, would you not just drop at least an emoji or something onto the post?  

You probably would, except those of you are probably not a lot on her profile.

#5 Kim Kardashian West

Kim Kardashian West surprisingly comes in the first place. Despite the expectations of her position being higher. 

Because when you compare the engagement rate to the total number of followers she has. It totally makes sense that she would be THE celebrity with the fakest followers 

It also makes sense, because they want the attention more than most other celebrities. Currently, she has almost 260 million subscribers. The latest post has got just over a million likes with some 5k plus comments. 

Among the recent posts, the post with the most likes was about 10 million likes. That is a lot for many people. No denying that. But when you are analyzing an account with followers that is 2600% more, or perhaps some other percentage that is as crazy as this one is.

Another crazy percentage is how low the overall engagement rate is at 1.32% or so. Going with the piece the next person on the list is another Kardashian. So, I guess I could skip that. 

By now you understand that the top person on this list will always be one of the Kardashians, and it is not even surprising. 

#6 LeBron James

LeBron James, the current king of dunks, almost became the king of fake followers. Athletes with 100 million followers receive on average 1-3 million likes. 

Turning this number into a percentage must not be hard right? He has posts with just 1000 or so comments. 

Really? Again, not judging him or anything. But for a person with 100 million followers, you would assume that at least 1% of those would comment or leave some emoji or some crap.

We are not stating he bought fake followers, we are merely showing the possibility that he might have. According to the numbers on his official Instagram page, that seems quite likely. 

So, when you see Kingjames post something, please just drop him a like or some sort of emoji or something so that he would not need to buy more. 

#7 Ariana Grande 

There are many different blogs placing her in different orders. But most of them seem to agree that Ariana was also among those whose followers got purged and became known to the rest of the world as someone who would buy likes. 

It’s easier to see that when you look at her profile with more than 270 million followers. But with an average likes count of 1-2 million sometimes going over 5 or so. 

Apart from the likes, the number of comments she gets on each post is also very miserable ranging from 1k to 5k+. 

If you are a micro-influencer with about 100k followers, that should be the correct number. But for someone with her level of fame and the number of followers receiving just a million likes should be the obvious signal that you have some real inactive people among your followers

Anyways moving on to the next person in line.

#8 Ellen DeGenerous 

With this celebrity, you would not even be able to guess if you were asked about the number of fake followers, or in fact if she actually bought fake followers. 

Of course, her falling out may explain some things and the possibility of why she almost has no engagement. But even then the numbers look really bad, below are the stats. 

She currently has more than 100 million subs. And she receives on average 500k likes, there are posts with just a few hundred thousand likes only.  

There are also posts with comments of just over 100. So that you would understand that correctly 100 is the 0.00001, or with a  few more zeros percent of 100 million. 

We won’t be drilling Ellen harder than we should and just leave at this and only with the assumption that the numbers don’t add up. Because if you were to turn on Ellen, it would only be fair you unfollow her account as well. 

So, whoever still follows her can be considered to be her fan, and thus, wouldn’t mind sparing an emoji or two. 

#9 Shakira 

Shakira is also another one of the celebrities who are guilty of buying fake followers. Despite her fame, and 70 million followers, she receives only about 500k likes on average. 

While some of her posts get way below 100k likes. And the engagement is as miserable as it is with every one of those people we have listed so far. 

It’s like they just bought them without a single concern about the possibility of fans noticing they are fake followers. 

To make the case for Shakira is a bit tricky because she has been famous for a long time, and in and around the world. 

Thus, she was probably among them the least expected person to be tempted with easy followers. 

#10 Miley Cyrus

The pop star who always stirs up something controversial has about 150 million followers on Instagram.  You can already be sure that quite a big number of them are fake. 

Since she received about a million likes on average on each post.  For example, there are some posts with quite a bit of like, but there are also the ones with just about 500k likes. 

Like we said before, those are actually a crap ton of likes. And it is hard to even get that. But if you are someone with that many followers. You should at least convert the 1%. 

Surely they might not care about that, but that makes their account look weird and with fake followers. 

To Wrap up 

These were just some of the celebrities with fake followers. In reality, there are hundreds more like these. And they keep buying and buying constantly. 

So, today there might just be 10 celebrities but tomorrow that is going to be a totally different number. 

Also, this list is in no particular order. it was just organized from first to last with no preferences whatsoever. 

In the end, if you are a fan it should not matter how many fake followers your celebrity has. It only makes them look a bit more like their followers — fake.

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