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Manage your business conveniently with iPhone Apps

With the constant advancement in business scenario, the business owners are looking for new ways to take their enterprise to higher level. It is quite difficult to manage work on the go and do multitasking to improve productivity. But now, you don’t need to stay chained with your workstation and work continuously for hours, as you have a reliable computer in your pocket. This powerful computer is your iPhone. What you need to do is, just download the available business apps and use them to meet your business needs.

The iPhone business apps not just help manage work with ease, but can also boost your performance. With the amazing iPhone tools and apps one can easily manage his day, stay updated on agendas and meetings. There is no need to carry heavy spreadsheets or notebook, since you can easily retrieve business critical information with few taps. There are several iPhone business apps available in the market. Some of them are listed below:

1. Scanner Pro


Don’t worry about your work, while you are travelling. You can digitize business cards, receipts or any other document on the go, with the help of iphone camera, as it can be used as a portable scanner. Scanner Pro is one of the best app for this task. It will save the clicked (scaned) documents as PDFs, which can be shared via email, Dropbox, Google drive, icloud, etc. This app is rated 4.5 stars and found pragmatic by many user.

2. HanDBase


Now you can track, store and search any information related to your business. Whether it is a billing record, client requirements or product inventory, everything can be retrieved with your iphone. HanDBase app syncs your computer database and iphone database; and thus, facilitates access to the database, anywhere and anytime.

3. Smartr Contacts


Enjoying your vacations and suddenly got some urgent mail that requires to be answered asap? No worries at all, Smartr Contacts app allows you to access your linked iCloud, Gmail, Outlook, Yahoo Mail, Twitter and Facebook networks as and when required. It displays each contact in a holistic view along with email history, and a list of people that you have in common. All this is delivered in an attractive interface.

4. SquareRegister


Paying bills and receiving payments via credit cards facilitates reliable and speedy transactions; it thus improves productivity and sales. On downloading SquareRegister app, you will get a free credit card reader dongle. What you need to do is, just connect the dongle via headphone jack on your iPhone and you are ready to swipe a credit card and process payments. It also allows you to enter card details manually. This app is really useful and if your business doesn’t have provision for online payments, then you are seriously lacking behind.

5. Wunderlists


Manage your to-do lists with a user-friendly and appealing interface using Wunderlist. Wunderlist is among the best to-do list iOS apps. It offers amazing organisational features including, subtasks, file attachment (photo or video), add notes, reminders, etc., and provides advanced feature like allocating tasks to collaborators.

6. Mint


If you are looking for a financial app that can track your business expenses and tweak budgets, then Mint is perfect for you. Just add your bank account and credit card details and the app will automatically analyse and categorize your transactions. It will also organize the transactions in easy-to-read graphs. Hence, allows you to keep a check on your finances and plan accordingly for better business.

Wrapping up:

There are many more iPhone business apps that are released recently. Just download the desired one and experience the difference. It will not only boost your productivity, but will also help you manage your business with utmost proficiency.
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James Wilson is an expert iPhone app developer at Applax Ltd, a mobile application development company. He has been in this industry for four years and likes to share everything related to mobile applications.

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