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How to Create Content That Will Promote Your Clothing Store on Social Media

A professional in the fashion sector has a sound understanding of branding. Your fashion brand is the representative of your business, taste, inspiration, values. It symbolizes a different style, which people observe in your designs. However, your branding is not limited to the clothes you are selling. To bring your branding to people’s life, the best way in this regard is to create compelling content and promote the same online.

With exciting, engaging, and informative content, you can be a leading clothing store in the fashion industry. Regular post of engaging and useful content discloses that you actively participate in creating trends apart from being updated. Your readers will take you as a valuable knowledge source, and many of them might start thinking of your content as the predictive of styles to come. With this, you can enhance your customer loyalty, draw new shoppers, and position your teammates as the forerunners of the fashion industry.

So, you can have queries on how to create content that can help you promote your fashion e-commerce business. Here are some practical steps for your help:

Select the right social platform

In the promotion of your clothing store, your product is visual, and so, you need to create and share visual content – images and videos. And for this, Instagram should be your first choice and think Facebook after that. For example ELLABING is using Instagram wisely for social media marketing and getting good user attraction and traffic on the website.

You may be tempted to Twitter and LinkedIn and create and share your content there. However, these two platforms are not the right place for visual content, especially for the fashion industry. Selecting the right platform and creating and sharing the appropriate content will help you connect with potential buyers.

Create the content that will help you stand apart on social media

Be original if you wish to be ahead from others. However, you shouldn’t do the one that can be entirely different from your fashion brand. Most of you go wrong while being distinct from others. Here are some examples:

  • Trying every hashtag to get noticed
  • Creating a marketing campaign a week, but having no connection with the core of the brand
  • Sharing the content that is not engaging

You shouldn’t do any one of the above mentioned. To be unique, you must celebrate the individuality of your clothing store. You need to be creative from your mind and body while creating and sharing visual content.

Think a lot before creating and sharing content

Be familiar with the time and steps to share your offers to your target customers if you want to drive sales through your created and shared posts. To connect with your patrons, you should think of yourself as a buyer and understand what your buyers can expect from you:

  • Why shop for a particular product?
  • Types of content they love
  • The frequency of being online and the time spent on digital platforms

In simple words, you should create and share valuable visual content on the right platform.

Create a Style Blog and share its content

Most of you may not take Style Blog as an innovative content form. However, you must not take it as an ineffective medium. According to Business 2 Community, a website with a blog has 55% more visitors. Here, it means having a blog and keeping the same updated is a simple way to drive conversion and generate interest in buyers.

Fashion is one of the best business sectors for blogging. With your regular posts, you can make people aware of what to and what not to wear in a particular season. You can advise your customers on how to look hot, what accessories you should have with a specific outfit, how to put on a specific dress. Your advice will help people who always look for new information on fashion and love to be in style. With such a blog, you can be a source for news on fashion trends.  Use models from reputed modeling agencies to showcase your styles and designs to your audience.

You can attain an increased following by creating and sharing quick & simple style tips, trend updates, and the arrival of new items in your product line. Ensure that you share enough images with the texts, apart from tools that encourage visitors to comment and share. Highlighting your designs in such posts are not essential, but you can do it to drive an increase in sales.

Build a virtual fashion show and share the same social platforms

People have different ways of thinking. Some love to shop and wear dresses that are stylish and comfortable while some wish to attend fashion shows to get a sneak peek how they would appear after wearing a new attire piece. Creating a virtual fashion show can be an excellent medium for you to draw the latter type of people.

Organizing a fashion show is very expensive, as you have to pay for everything – location, promotion, lighting, and models – you use. As a small fashion brand, you mightn’t think of organizing a fashion show. However, with a virtual fashion show, you can help your potential customers to think that they are attending what they dreamt of. In this type, you can click photos of your employees or models wearing certain outputs and share the same in a row to draw the attention of people.

Get in touch with influencers and publish their experiences

Fashion designers and industry professionals are an excellent source to influence your customers. Reaching to an established designer or professional can be an expensive idea for you. However, you can get in touch with coming designers/professionals and request them to have an interaction with you on a specific outfit of your clothing store. Publish the part of that interaction in the Interview format.


In the promotion of your clothing store, you need to value visual content – images and videos. Besides, you should create a style blog and virtual fashion show and publish interviews of some industry professionals.

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