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How to Write Engaging Content [Infographic]

Likes. Shares. Clicks. Backlinks. Traffic. Revenue.

These are the things that only matter.


But have you ever wondered, what is that ONE thing that drives all the above metrics?


The reason I used Caps for the word “Content” is because:

CONTENT is the Backbone. Everything else is secondary.


There is a big difference between Content and Engaging Content.

You don’t have to be Shakespeare to produce Engaging Content.

Just following some simple steps can make your drab Content look quite colorful. Even if you suck at writing.

Before going into the details, let’s look at what I mean by “Engaging Content”?

Any Content should be:


  1. Informative and Educational: Your content should provide valuable and useful information to the readers and should teach them about the solutions to the problems they are faced with.
  2. Resonating: Your reader should feel you are writing for them. They should relate to not just what you are writing but exactly how you are writing.
  3. Compelling: Your content should engross your readers in a way that they pay attention to every word you speak, and this eventually makes them to trust what you write.
  4. Compassionate: Your content should make your readers feel something. If they can feel your passion for the chosen topic, they will care about the content and this will drive them to take action.

In this modern era of Advertising, your Content should be at the same time Informational and Entertaining, that should inspire people in an enjoyable way.

To help you write Engaging Content, MyTasker a virtual assistant firm has created a visually appealing Infographic on the topic that will help you to know the simple steps by following which your content can be the next Big Thing on the Internet, generating more subscribers, more leads and more sales.

Be a part of this colorful journey and find it for yourself:

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