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Must-Have LMS Reports To Assess Training Effectiveness

Data is the focal point to analyze the performance, be it the overall organization growth or the contribution of every department. The solutions derived from these data help in planning and forecasting the business needs by understanding the areas that require focus, improvement, or expansion.

This stands true for the training solutions as well, especially with the focus shifting to eLearning where there is very limited physical interaction with the learner. The organizations are investing an ample amount of money to facilitate online training for their employees by implementing a robust learning management system.

An LMS, along with automating the employee training, comes with a feature of reporting. Organizations can exploit this feature to their benefit by analyzing the training data to get insight into the effectiveness of the training programs. There are various parameters on which these reports can be beneficial. For example, checking the completion rates, customer retention rates, certifications for compliance training, and many more.

Let us explore some of the reports that you must regularly monitor to track learner engagement, progress, and performance that will help in measuring the training effectiveness.

Assessment Results

Making sure that the learner is actually gaining the knowledge that will help the learner to improve in the relevant area is crucial. This can be skill development or soft skill training. Even if the completion rate is high, that can be because of one of the company policies, whether the key takeaways from the training are relevant or not. Could the learner actually absorb and understand the module with relevance to the objective of the program?

All this can be assessed through analyzing the assessment data. Of course, the assessments and quizzes are useful in assessing the knowledge gained by the learner. However, the collective data can reflect a lot about the texture and difficulty level of the course, and further every module. This data can further be used to understand the learning gaps that can help in providing more personalized training material. If the course is taking too long to complete, this means that the module needs a revisit as the content is complex. Whereas, if the course is being finished by most of the learners in lesser time, this indicates that you need to rework the content making it more relevant and meaty.

Completion Rate & Learner Progress

A course is considered to be good if the content and the activities included in the course can keep the learner engaged. Only an engaging program can keep the learner motivated to complete every module and assessment with enthusiasm while gaining and applying the new knowledge in the work scenarios.

A robust LMS automates this process of fetching the reports in the form of learner progress status and completion reports. If you find out that the engagement is towards the lower side, you can immediately take the required corrective action. Also, these reports can be as detailed to provide you the details for every module that will facilitate you to correctly identify the pain area. If the learners are leaving the course midway, it is a clear indication that the course is not engaging. Completion rate reports also help you in checking if the required compliance requirements are being met within terms of required compliance training and certification.

Training Certification Tracking

All the compliance training courses warrant a course completion certificate. With the help of the report fetched from LMS, keeping a track of the performance and certification becomes easier. Automated email reminders can be sent to learners for the completion of their certification courses. This automated feature not only saves on time but saves hassles of trainers ensuring that no misses are happening and the trainers can focus on more productive work.


These are only some of the reports mentioned from the vast list of the possible reports that can be fetched from an effective LMS like Fuse Universal. The data achieved is highly valuable and can help you in improving your training programs to take them to next level.

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