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How Manhattan GRE Prep Materials Help You Succeed On The GRE

People who wish to pursue further studies after finishing their bachelor’s take master’s or doctor’s degrees, however, they have to overcome another challenge right before entering graduate school – the Graduate Record Examinations (GRE). Basically, the GRE is much like the graduate school version of the SAT and ACT and is used by various graduate schools as a criterion in accepting students into their institutions.

One of the best preparation methods that one can do to gear up for the GRE is obtaining and studying Manhattan GRE prep materials, which offer a string of advantages to students. This is why Manhattan GRE Prep set is featured as one of the top best GRE prep books on ExamGenius. Their set of prep books is truly valuable and worthy as it’s already composed of everything you need for review. There is a big difference between how it rates against other materials in helping aspiring graduate students prepare for their examination.

Listed below are the advantages of Manhattan GRE prep materials:

1. Give you an overall structure of the GRE

The Manhattan GRE prep materials discuss every field of knowledge that will appear on the actual GRE and also show you the exact structure of the whole examination. Since the GRE comprises three main sections: analytical writing, verbal reasoning, and quantitative reasoning, the prep materials will only cover these subjects to hone your knowledge in these fields. There are various types of content for each subject, providing you with concise but information-packed texts, video lessons, newsletters, and practice tests that are associated with these three components.

Moreover, you’ll get used to the timing and format of each subtest. Knowing how much time you have for every part of the examination and what types of questions will appear on the test will greatly help you ace the GRE. Some questions in the practical tests might even appear similarly on the GRE and this will be at your advantage.

2. Curate a personalized study guide

Every person has different learning capabilities. As a bachelor’s degree holder, you already have a broad knowledge about the field you’re taking, but you still have a lot to learn. Manhattan GRE prep materials can offer you a personalized study plan that will help you learn more efficiently.

Prior to your review, you can take their diagnostic tests and determine your baseline scores. In this way, you can identify which areas you have to focus more on. Once you’ve identified your strengths and weaknesses, you can create your own study guide or plan with the assistance of these GRE prep materials. During the course of your review, you can strictly follow this plan and expect not to get lost, since these prep materials have recorded your baseline assessment and follows the algorithm to which items or topics you’re lacking.

3. Contain relevant and updated content

Traditional review materials update their content less frequently, which doesn’t give the assurance that the pieces of information will be relevant to current batch takers.

Reliable study materials evolve to keep up with the times. With Manhattan GRE prep materials, you can be certain that you’re always provided with relevant and up-to-date content.

The developers of these prep materials update their content from time to time through altering lessons and questions according to their data analysis of previous GREs. Moreover, they use real-time performance data that are unique to every student, wherein they sort out questions they’re having trouble dealing with. Their scoring algorithms in assessment sections are specially designed to cater to a student’s strengths and weaknesses.

4. Offer interactive and self-paced learning

Using these GRE prep materials is all about your learning experience – so they make sure that they offer interesting topics daily while following the GRE structure. The content of their websites adapts relatively to what topics you need to work on. If you don’t understand certain topics, you can work on it again because they follow your personal pace.

With their interactive learning, you won’t be limited in written study tools because they have 77 interactive video lessons that can stimulate your learning more efficiently with the use of audiovisual presentations accompanied by detailed explanations. These GRE prep materials aren’t limited to uninviting chunks of text but they also make learning more fun and active.

5. Helps your learn lightly but thoroughly

No matter how much time you have for your GRE preparation, you shouldn’t rush everything because you’ll be putting the exam into a compromise. Besides, you won’t learn anything by reviewing large chunks of the course, but the Manhattan GRE prep materials can help you divide and organize these lessons in a light but detailed way. The content of each lesson is good for only 3 hours so you can have breaks in between chapters. Reading and studying for long hours can be less effective and you won’t retain much information due to fatigue.

Moreover, they provide vocabulary emails every day with short but concise content. You don’t need to read thick vocabulary and shuffle different words in your mind because of the daily emails that you’ll receive. In this way, you can improve your essay writing skills crucial for the GRE.

6. Provides an honest evaluation

After completing every lesson chapter, the material has to assess how far you’ve learned through an evaluation. This study tool is extremely helpful not only for the GRE, but it’s used in all study materials. Once you’ve identified your strengths and weaknesses, dealt with them throughout the entire course, the final challenge for you is to evaluate your knowledge by taking their evaluation.

Consequently, the assessment will provide you the weaker areas which you’ll have to focus on more. You don’t need to find these lessons again but the prep course will provide it to you with the help of their algorithm based on your performance.

7. Simulates the real setting of GRE

Lastly, you’re preparing for the content of the GRE, so you might as well prepare for the entire experience of taking the examination. When you’re inside your testing room, the testing conditions are entirely different from what you’re used to outside, but taking this prep course gives you the simulation of the real examination setting.

The Manhattan GRE prep materials consist of 6 adaptive practice tests with full-length sections, and they’re designed to be taken in one sitting the same as the actual GRE. You have to accomplish answering the material within 3 hours and 45 minutes like the GRE, so you’ll have more control with respect to time. With this real exam setting simulation, you can maximize your time while distributing the same amount of effort for every test section.


Admission examinations require rigorous preparations, which include employing study tools and techniques to make your review efficient and worthwhile.

Manhattan GRE prep materials stand a great chance in helping you succeed on the GRE through the reasons stated above. With the help of these reference materials, you can ace your Graduate Record Examinations, enter your dream graduate school, and even the opportunity to take the master’s degree that you truly wish to pursue.

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