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6 Reasons your Website Traffic and Ranking are Dropping in Google

Has your site experienced a rank dropping in search traffic? When your website’s incoming traffic and search engine ranking plummets suddenly, it often feels like a catastrophe. Many people assume the decline is permanent, but the truth is that most underwater sites recover–though they need time to do so.

Before we analyze the reasons for dropping, let’s understand the principles of high-ranking websites:

When you search for any keyword in Google, your result shows a website having high traffic and ranking.


1. The user is satisfied by these sites

2. These are authoritative websites of their niche

3. They have good content on the site (with keywords) which users are searching for

4. Sites with fresh and unique content

5. Link building and promotion on social media 

Therefore, We Always Strive For Better Website Traffic and Ranking

However, the up and downs in Google are common to see. To maintain your website traffic and ranking high enough to optimize better searching, we must analyze the reasons why our traffic and ranking have dropped. Here are 6 possible reasons:

1) Competitors: Some people believe that rivalry from other companies is a way to damage your business. To be honest, this might be true in the Google searching algorithm.

You might have been doing everything perfectly, but you still lose traffic and drop your Google ranking. It might be that your competitors are doing better SEO than you are.

Therefore, competitor activity is worth investigating, especially if you have dropped a few positions across the board. Monitor your competitors by following their social media accounts, examining their link-building strategies, and reading through all of the content they published. Tracking the changes made by your competitor and monitoring how they’ve outranked you, in order to create a clear definition of what you need to do. You can use some of the competitive analysis tools for example Ahref and SEMRush to find out their backlink strategy. There are several ways to find competitor backlinks. You can find their current links, search for guest posts, keep an eye on brand mentions, and analyze broken links.

Boston SEO expert recommends, constantly monitor your website for changes, and never stop improving the content.

2) Link Losses: Broken links are links to a webpage that don’t work, and show 404 error messages. If people cannot find your website, then it has no traffic to rank with Google. If you have broken links on your page, then this could be causing people to not only dislike the content but also filter it out as spam. Your site’s authority may be impacted by a loss of external links. If any backlinks pointing to your site are lost or made temporarily unavailable, it may hurt your rankings in the search engine.

So that’s why link losses are a huge challenge. To find broken links, you can seek professionally broken link checkers to identify links that have been lost. Additionally, don’t forget to run these tools regularly.

3) Google Search Algorithm Modification

We all know Google’s search algorithms change constantly. These changes are vital to understanding how search results are ranked, and ignoring current trends will contribute the most pains when it comes to site visibility on Google searches. Always keep an eye on Google’s algorithm it might hurt your website in some way. 

Here is a recent example of Google Algorithm adversely hitting:

In the 1st week of July 2021, we have observed that one of our landscaping clients got hit adversely with Google’s Algorithm launched. This algorithm reduced the website’s ranking from 1st and 2nd pages of Google SERP. 

4) Content Quality: One of the things that can derank your website on the web rankings is content. If it doesn’t have good content then people will not want to visit. Further, we’re all aware of the classic study that showed a correlation between higher rankings and longer content in Google. In addition, we must be cautious about Google Penalty to our websites.

Obviously, Google punishes low-quality content and rewards high-quality content. Google penalties cause sites to drop in rankings or even be removed from the SERPs entirely. In short, if you have been penalized, it drops your website traffic and ranking in Google.

Apart from unnatural links contained in your sites, be aware of your content conforming to Google’s quality guidelines. Do more research and check your content out on Content Management System if available.

5) Technical Issues

Sometimes, a website can experience a sudden ranking drop without any warning signs or noticeable changes to content or design. The most common reasons for this are:

– Your server is down. Google crawls your website when it’s up and running. When your site isn’t working, there’s no point in bots visiting to see your content.

– Your site has been hacked. Considering that Google ping periodically to test how fast your website loads, a hack could put up red flags when it interacts with this system. It may conclude that something is wrong and ignore the page or even the whole site.

– Your content is blocked due to a robots.txt file. Unless Google gets special permission from the owner of a site, it doesn’t crawl pages behind password protection or those that are hidden by a robots.txt file.

The bottom line? Let Google and other bots crawl those pages you want to be seen by people.

6) Wrong Keywords Usage

Poor choice of keywords can cause a website to rank poorly in Google and drive visitors away. When you inspect your keyword list, be sure to pay attention to the words that are successful so as not to waste time on any inferior ones.

Also, if you use the keywords too much in the content, it leads to overstuffing. Try to use the keywords in a natural manner. This will improve the content quality both with people reading it in general and search engines crawling it. 

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