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How to choose the best windproof lighter

This is a message for all the adventurous out there, for those people who like to go outdoors and have fun in nature. Those people who are somehow exposed to situations in which there aren’t many resources, they have to be always prepared and ready to tackle any difficulty in the wild by themselves. For example, finding food and cooking it, in the middle of a windy afternoon. How prepared are you for something like that? Do you have the lighter that will fight those strong winds and allow you to light your fire, get warm and get some food?

An electric rechargeable lighter can be of great help

One of the main advantages of using electric lighters is that they can endure unfriendly climates since there is no flame to protect from rain or wind there are more possibilities of getting the job done and starting the corresponding fire.

Another significant advantage is that many different sites and online stores offer bundles, accessories and other items to accompany your purchase and make it more round and complete. You can check out and browse through their catalog to review and compare what they have to offer until you find the lighter that best suits your needs.

How to fight the wind with your lighter

Every kind of lighter is unique and will offer certain advantages and disadvantages for you. Be sure to check all the characteristics before buying one. Check if the lighter follows these tips to find the one that will give you the best performance:

  1. Durable material: it should be waterproof and hard enough to withstand certain pressure without losing its original form. Remember that even though electric lighters are naturally windproof because of their unique design, they can be damaged when water goes inside the circuit.
  2. One or double arc: there are two reasons to choose a double arc lighter, it will give more power to the fire, and it looks super cool. Having a double arc will ensure your cigarette, or campfire is on in a faster way.
  3. How long does it last?

An excellent and common rechargeable lighter will last with one charge approximately for a week, which is the same as lasting 200 or 300 uses. This may not be so practical If you are planning on going outdoors for a more extended period unless you already know there are going to be outlets available to recharge your lighter for a couple of hours. Since the battery is only consumed when the lighter is on most of these devices, have a protective case that will prevent switching it on by accident because of the pressure inside a pocket or purse.

Flame versus electricity

Several flame lighters can also offer some windproof protection. This is due to the use of pressure butane that creates a strong flame that can withstand strong winds. However, they can run out of fuel very soon, and they need to be refilled, besides the nasty fuel smell, they leave on your cigarettes.

Characteristics of a useful and practical lighter

They are reliable: you need to know they are going to work when you need them, outdoors or indoors, under rain or strong winds. Some lighters loose pressure on their fuel tanks with time and the flame becomes weaker. Electrical lighters, on the other hand, need to be charged at all times, what if you forget one day the cable?

They are waterproof: we are not talking about setting a fire after having swum with your lighter on a pocket. We refer to rain and other kinds of mild drops coming down. If a lighter can be located sideways and the spark is still there, it would be of great help in heavy climate conditions.

They are easy to carry around: some home lighters are very bulky of long and take too much space is bags and purses. It is necessary to carry a lighter in a small space such as the pockets of a shirt or trouser.

These are just some of the characteristics a good lighter must have. You can go and take a look at online stores to see it and compare to find the perfect lighter.

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