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Bothersome Business – What to Look for in a Company Car

A lot of business owners often think of company cars as a burden, or as a depreciating asset which offers low return on investment. However, in some positions they are an absolute necessity, so let’s focus on the positives. They are a great brand awareness tool, can offer good tax breaks and included in a contract can be a powerful incentive for staff.

But how do you know what makes a good company car?

Every dealer under the sun will tell you their vehicles make the best company cars for all kinds of reasons. So instead of taking the word of every salesman in the car yard, use these guidelines on what to look for in your next company car.

Fit for work

With many makes and models offering similar features, servicing options, and much more it can be difficult to discern which is going to work best for your business. Knowing the exact needs of your next company car will help you narrow your search to the features you actually need.  Researching is always a tough challenge as well as a time-consuming one.

Using services like can save you the hassle of having to do the research yourself. They will search across all dealers for the exact make and model you are after with a simple click. Save yourself the time and use their lists provided to simple narrow down your search so you can ensure the company car you choose is fit for the work required.

A new lease on life

A company car doesn’t mean your business has to take on all the liability.

As a business owner you may not like the idea of taking on a depreciating asset. No one can argue that logic. So why not take advantage of service providers who will accept that risk for you. If you haven’t considered it before then do your research on the leasing providers in your area.

As a business, tax deductions will be more in your favour if you lease your vehicle vs owning it.

In addition to this, leasing is far less of a hassle for your company car then owning the vehicle outright. So when you are looking for your next company car consider enquiring with a lease provider instead of a car yard, it could just fit your circumstances better.

Raising Awareness

When selecting a company car you can easily think “the colour doesn’t matter”, but before you decide that remember that a company car is an advertising tool.  As an owned or leased asset your company car is effectively a travelling billboard. Taking advantage of that asset by branding your company car is a smart awareness raising decision, and will make you feel better about the spend.

Therefore, when looking for your next company car, it can be important to consider how your brand/logo will look against certain colours.  For example, a black logo isn’t likely to impact many people on a black car. Neutral colours such as white or cream are often the best suited to most brands/logos, providing a blank canvas to play with.

Is it efficient?

Not just a term we should be saving for the boardroom or a team meeting, but rather one of the key considerations when selecting your next company car. If your office is the road or you’re constantly making those calls to see customers it can be easy to rack up the kilometres. So when you do, you can only hope that a tank of fuel is going to last. When selecting your next company car do your research of the best manufacturers and models for fuel efficiency. Do the research now and you could save plenty on fuel costs in the future.

It can be hard to know whether you have made the right decision when it comes to a company car. Company cars can be a great practical tool for your business and if chosen properly, will offer a good return on investment. Keeping all of this in mind will help you sleep a little better at night knowing you made an informed decision which is best for your company.

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