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The Power of AI Customer Care Analytics for Businesses

AI technology is transforming and upgrading the way we used to work before, and the customer service niche is also experiencing the change driven by customer care AI tools. Its peculiarities and methods were formed many years ago when people even couldn’t imagine what AI can offer them. But now experts from Berkeley University in California prove those times when it will be impossible to tell humans from AI are not so far.

So, what exactly AI can offer to your customer care line? Probably, cut costs, improve staff retention and loyalty, increase revenue, or drive customer satisfaction. Let’s figure out this together with data provided by InData Labs data migration consultancy experts, specializing in top-notch AI technologies.

Top Features of AI for Customer Care Services

First of all, let’s enumerate the top features of AI technology that you can use to improve your customer care.

Customer Identification

In some situations, such as loan provisions, call centers will ask to see the customer to verify their identity. Using a smartphone, customers can send this straight to a customer service representative for instant validation of their identity. Services that might have previously been very time-consuming can now happen in real-time.

Quick Data Search

If a customer asks your people a question, in most cases they need at least several minutes to answer it, while AI can do everything in several seconds: it can simultaneously check several documents and data sources to find the needed info. Plus, it can be implemented as a bot technology or as a voice search.

Conversations Optimization

First of all, AI in customer care is needed to streamline, augment, and automate conversations between customers and the service line. AI technology can provide you with human-like bots that will quickly and effectively answer 90% of all the questions, transferring the rest 10% to customer care specialists who will have much more time to handle them.

Constant Availability

Nowadays, messaging has already overtaken any other form of communication, and being online, quickly answering customers’ requests, becomes as important as ever. And AI can perfectly do this, as this technology never sleeps, unlike humans. This is especially important for companies operating worldwide in various time zones.

Deep Personalization

AI allows businesses to identify each customer immediately and also gather together all data about a certain person across all channels. And as a result provide all customers with a deeply personalized experience, which can be especially important, when your company is rather big and each time a person calls your service center they need to talk to a different agent.

Customer Voice Analytics

Real-time conversations in customer care with AI use smart analytics algorithms to listen to conversations, taking in both the content and tone. It can analyze changes in how the customers speak to gain insight into their potential emotional state. Service representatives are then provided with guidelines for how to deal with the customer.

Change Monitoring

It can be challenging for your employees to constantly update all the content on your platform, like FAQ blocks, comments, or product descriptions, and AI can perfectly do this instead of them.

Making Insighful Predictions

ML- and AI-powered tools grasp so much data per day, that they can exactly predict the customer needs of tomorrow. Plus, you can use the power of AI to understand where your customers have problems and fix these website pages or app blocks.

Resource Optimization

Needless to say that the top of the features list for most businesses is the huge resource-saving potential of AI. Juniper Research experts have proved that chatbots used in customer care can reduce business costs by over $8 billion per year.

Higher level of customer satisfaction

Such benefits of customer care using AI as constant availability, fast response times, and the ability to provide the right answers, couldn’t but affect positively on the overall customer experience, which will also result in a higher customer retention rate.


Thus, helping to all of the benefits enumerated above, AI can help your business in the following ways:

  1. Boost efficiency: ordinary call centers tend to have many manual and inefficient processes, which are very time-consuming for the business and costly. AI helps to boost your customer care efficiency several times, which will also reflect in KPIs;
  2. Save and re-arrange resources: if your employees can free up their time in answering and administrating simple queries, they will have a greater opportunity to think smart, and thanks to AI it becomes possible;
  3. Predict customer needs: analyzing huge data assets makes it easy to make predictions on future trends and changes in customer demand;
  4. As a result of all the above, it saves you money: of course, the initial expenses of implementing AI can be high, but as time goes by, you will get more and more benefits, especially in terms of money saving.

In this article, we only enumerated the top benefits of using AI for communication and customer care, but of course, there are many more of them. There are probably lots of things that we don’t even know AI is capable of yet. But 1 thing is clear: customer service is going through a period of change for the better all thanks to AI technologies.

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