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Digital Transformation to Increase Sales

The onset of digital innovations has led to a dramatic change in business operations in several parts of the world. It has radicalized how businesses operate. Businesses of all sizes can now leverage them to improve revenue. Sales team performance management is now one functional system that can be digitized in a bid to improve sales and operations. The onset of social media into the business world for instance is a noteworthy advancement that has led to a massive increase in the profits of most businesses. Sales have reportedly skyrocketed for businesses that have adopted the use of the internet and several digital tools developed to aid the sales of products and services.

There are multiple benefits attached to digital revolution in the sales process. It is quite easy to phase out when your business fails to adapt to the trends. The use of field sales monitoring apps like CloudApper SalesQ can alter the performance of your sales team by ensuring that sales reps complete their assigned tasks on schedule.

Advantages of Digital Transformation

There are many benefits to the adoption of digital transformation. Below are some of its benefits in sales operations:

Increased Access to Data

Data can be easily collected with digitization unlike other paper-based systems. It aids deeper insight into consumer behavior, sales pattern identification, and accessible data for analysis. SalesQ can aid the development of sales operation via the big data it provides. It automatically calculates the accumulated data entries and stores it up on the cloud for later reference. The data is updated per entry and managers can easily check out the metrics to determine the level of engagement of sales reps.

Better Customer Relationships

Digitization can help to create customer profiles that aid the sales team to create pitches that win over more clients based on what they learn from the profiles. There will also be a higher chance of making sales on a field day. Products can be adequately customized and automated based on the needs of the customers thus improving sales and profit generation. An area of low conversion of clients can easily be converted when a sales team fully understands the plight of the prospective customers. Managers can then create a better advertisement system that will show the clients why they should buy the company’s products.

What digitals tools also do is help companies register the reviews of clients as feedbacks on the products made by a company that has worked for them or maybe didn’t work at all. Products and services can now be developed to meet the needs of customers, thus, improving sales.

Enhanced Sales Team Mobility

Increase in the mobility of sales teams can be achieved with the adoption of a cloud-based app. Decisions can be made easily and much faster as data is obtained directly from the phones of sales reps.

Sales Team Tracking

Sales team location and time of visits can be tracked to ensure proper accountability. The Geo-fencing technology is applicable to ensure that check-ins are observed by sales reps from any assigned location. SalesQ is the best tracking app for observing sales reps locations for increased accountability.

Data Analysis

The importance of data collation cannot be overemphasized especially to a sales team. There is always a need for periodic evaluation to adequately measure the progress of a sales operation from one period to another. If you cannot analyze data for correlations and trends, it is useless to collect sales metrics. You need to analyze data on locations where most sales were made. Likewise where the highest rate of target achievement was achieved and customer purchasing. These locations are put on the priority list for improved interest in a bid to maximize the market available in the region to generate more revenue. All these can be tracked and identified using SalesQ. SalesQ works by a ranking system by placing the areas with the most sales at the top of the data captured for a field day. Further strategies can now be developed to evaluate how such data can be used to improve sales volume.


Technology and people can help to unlock profitable sales performance and also develop new and efficient management techniques that can take your business to new heights. Sales process digitization brings you a huge step towards getting your sales team to operate at full potential. SalesQ app helps to increase the profitability and accountability of the management sales team. Sign up now for a 14-day free trial.

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