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Top 4 Tech Watches to Watch Out For

In the world of smartwatches, you can see a lot of new and updated timepieces. Every year, watch manufacturers are continuing to provide the best and one of a kind smartwatches that their market would love to use. And that is what you should expect from a market that is growing every year.

These top brands, like Apple, Huawei, Samsung, Garmin, Fitbit, and Google, are the top brands that provide the best smartwatch that you can buy in the market right now. They compete with each other by providing unique and special features that their customers will like. And here is the list of the top tech watches to watch for in the following year.

Apple Watch Series

If you are already into this kind of market, you already know that Apple is the current best-selling smartwatch in the world right now. Last September 2019, Apple launched there Apple Watch 5, and that smartwatch surprised its customers with their unique features. Having a fast processor that can run different types of applications.

Other key features that you can expect for the next Apple Watch has a more durable case body that helps fit for more outdoor adventures. Much-enhanced heart rate monitoring and updated user notifications. And according to some rumors, the next Apple Watch series will replace its OLED screen into a microLED, which is exceedingly power-efficient.

Samsung Galaxy Watch

Samsung has been apart of everyone’s life ever since they started the company in the year 1960s. Since then, Samsung continued to manufacture exceptional quality mobile phones, home appliances, visual displays, medical tools, and health equipment. But their technology didn’t stop there, Samsung joined into manufacturing smartwatches, and it went successful.

Last September of this year, Samsung just released its updated smartwatch, which is the Galaxy Watch Active 2. This smartwatch is very high since it has unique features like ECG, LTE option, a digital rotating dial, and more. With all of these technologies that added to this smartwatch, you can already say that you will be more enjoying the next one.

Garmin Fenix Series

Just a little information about the history of Garmin. This company started in the year 1989, which is an American based company. Founded by Min Kao and Gary Burell in Kansas, United States. Garmin and famous because of its unique GPS technology, which is at first built mainly for aviation, marine, automotive, sports, and outdoor activities.

Since then, Garmin continued to grow and started to create high-quality smartwatches. And one of their excellent smartwatch series is the Fenix. And just this year, they released the Garmin Fenix 6, which has an accurate outdoor tracking using its GPS technology. It is also very durable, which is perfect for mountain climbing or any outdoor activities.

The future is bright with Garmin because they are continuing to develop their technology every year. And each smartwatch that they produced is far better compared to its predecessor. And in the next year, Garmin will be providing six new smartwatches, which are the Vivoactive4, Vivomove Style, Vivoactive 4s, Vivomove 3s, and Vivomove 3 Sport.

Google Pixel Watch

There was a lot of attempt for Google to release this smartwatch in the market this year, but unfortunately, the launching didn’t happen. Since it is already December and the calendar is nearing its end, you can expect that this smartwatch watch will be on the market next year.

Although there is no exact information given by Google about the specifications. It expected it will be one of the tops of the line smartwatches in the market since the Pixel smartphone is one of the best smartphones right now.

Expected features will mostly be like other premium smartwatches that you can see in the market right now. And that would be heart rate monitoring, GPS tracking, LTE, Notifications, and water-resistant if you also wanted to try other types of watches. The best wristwatch that is perfect for everyone is the Omega Speedmaster since they have a wide variety of watches.


These smartwatch companies above are not small. They are huge, powerful, and high companies. So if you are waiting for the right smartwatch to buy for yourself or for your family, then they are the once you need to wait.

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