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Why fans love Old School RuneScape?

The MMORPG RuneScape was first published in 2001. The special retro version “Old School”, which is modeled after the RuneScape was released 17 years ago and still loved by the community.

RuneScape is one of the world’s oldest MMORPGs and comes from the British developer Jagex. It came out in 2001 as a free browser game and has since played in the pseudo-medieval fantasy world Gielinor.

Since the closure of Classic RuneScape, there are now two versions of the game:

  • RuneScape 3: This is the “normal” version, which regularly receives graphical revisions and is also enhanced with gameplay changes.
  • Old School RuneScape: This version is based on the 17-year-old RuneScape from the beginning and was released in 2013 at the request of the fans. The game still has the old graphics that we would probably label as ugly from today’s perspective.

Fans love OSRS

For years, the forum has repeatedly surfaced with the question of why Old School RuneScape is still being played so actively. The title is so popular, that many fans prefer the old version over the “normal” RuneScape 3.

Old School Runescape manages to assemble on average around 50,000 to 60,000 players a day. Even on Twitch, nobody seems to mind the pixelated graphics and old gameplay. The Twitch page for Oldschool RuneScape still has around 200,00 followers with over 10,000 spectators. They especially like the eSports PvP mode “Deadman”, which takes place in Seasons.

Love for OSRS gold currency

One of the key elements of OSRS is its gold. Since your survival literally depends on it. The new players struggle to bag in the cash, meanwhile, the veteran ones are living the riches, since they know how to play the game to perfection. They will play the game for as long as 10 hours a day to ensure that they get maximum benefits. Just like in the real world, some players are not happy with other’s success so back in 2011, the account of one of the richest players, Chessy018 was hacked and she lost around 170 billion OSRS Gold coins. You can always buy OSRS Gold from online marketplaces or online shops, you just need to know best place to buy OSRS Gold.

Dangerously addictive

A report by the English Parliament about addictive technologies mentioned this successful and popular MMORPG title. According to this report, the developer studio Jagex takes about a third of the turnover through microtransactions. It also says that some players spend around five thousand euros a week. A father in Lindon reported that his sons spent $60,000 on the title.

More content on the way

On October 30, Old School RuneScape will be released for iOS and Android. The modern version still leaves something to be expected. However, the beta tests for this have already started. According to senior product manager Kemp, extending the platforms for Old School RuneScape is an important means of further growth. In the future, Jagex would like to expand this game beyond mobile.

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