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Top 5 Indications That Your Website Is Begging For an Update


Unfortunately, there are people who knowingly or unknowingly have neglected their websites. Some innocently don’t understand the ins and outs of owning and maintaining sites, while others are a lazy lot who create a site and abandon it the same minute, but ironical want to earn five figures and above from it every other month. How insane!

It doesn’t matter if your Website is outdated is your fault or not. What matters is that an obsolete website goes hand in hand with online business failure as a happy, aged couple. One has no choice but to upgrade it. But before that, a website will not say “upgrade me” you must look for these signs and figure out the next right thing. Find the five common danger signs in this article.

Website is not responsive to smartphones

Practically everything is done online in this century, starting from education, shopping, emotional counseling, etc. 95% of the world’s population that carry out these activities prefer using smartphones as they can do nearly everything. If your site still not mobile compatible, you are losing ready clients who will not think twice about looking for the products or services on a more responsive website.

Your website still has the 90s features

Have you noticed your Website is still prolonged compared to others? Well, you may be among the first people to create and earn from a site in the early 90s. But things are changing with these running years. There are more attractive and easy to use features, more useful articles, and blog post information and modern ways to fasten navigation. Change your Website looks and copyright information as soon as possible if you notice they are outdated.

Does not connect visitors to your social media accounts

The new websites have your Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Gmail, Twitter, Snapchat and Pinterest accounts’ links at the bottom of the page. This helps your buyers contact you or gain trust through your social media pages, or likewise, improves your social media connects access to your Website. If your site doesn’t do this, it is apparent that it is outdated, and as hard as it is to say, it may soon crumble down because the best way to market your Website’s products and services is through social media platforms.

Any Exo Web hosting company does not assist your website

Owning a website comes with endless difficulties. Only a web hosting company can give prompt solutions to many of these problems. People prefer sites that offer environmentally features, thanks to the many natural and human-caused calamities. Go for a ‘green’ web hoster like when choosing a web hosting company to update your Website.

Uses old software

Old software is not only slow but also exposes your Website to a lot of security risks. Why would you still use software that looks more of Watts Humphrey’s first invention while there are uncountable fast browsers like Firefox, Google Chrome, internet explorer, and opera? Java is one of the most outdated software, avoid it.


Updating your Website doesn’t make it look more attractive or makes it faster. The most important thing is that it causes enormous traffic, mainly if you use an eco-web hosting company like the reputable which has an extensive network.

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