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9 Aircon Technology Trends to Consider Before Your Next Purchase

Over the years, air conditioners have evolved from merely being cooling machines into smart home appliances that improve and elevate our indoor air quality and sleeping experience. There is a widely used feature of energy efficiency that reduces power consumption and lowers electricity bills.

If clean indoor air is your thing, chances are you’ve already heard of air ionizers — an air-purifying feature that comes with almost every advanced aircon unit.

But in the sea of trends and features, choosing the ones that matter can become confusing for the average aircon buyer. Before you even splurge on a new air conditioner, here are 9 top technology trends to keep an eye on for the best cooling — and sleeping — experience.

1.   Energy Efficiency 

  • One of the most popular technological trends for air conditioners is the energy efficiency feature. An energy-efficient aircon consumes less power and energy than normal air conditioning machines. But this doesn’t mean the performance will be any less different; as a matter of fact, an energy-efficient AC can be a huge investment because it can last a long time without breaking down. Apart from these advantages, this feature is also highly eco-friendly, enabling you to not only lower your electricity bill but also harmful emissions that can cause climate change.

2.  Smart Technology

  • Complementing the experience among aircon units these days is intuitive smart technology. This feature enables aircon units to connect to the wifi, allowing users to adjust the temperature and settings without accessing the unit’s control panel. This feature is growing increasingly popular among users, as they are able to control the unit even outside their homes. So if you want to come home to a cool and comfortable home after work, consider getting a unit that has the smart technology feature.

3.  Enhanced Air Quality

  • Gone are the days of basic cooling from air conditioner units. Consumers now have the option to not only increase the cooling temperature inside their homes, but also the quality of the very air they breathe. A lot of air conditioners are now equipped with purifying technology that filters out and reduces harmful contaminants such as dust, dirt, debris, and even carbon dioxide from an indoor space. By having a well-regulated air quality at home, you are more likely to sleep and feel better after every good night’s sleep.

4.  Air Ionizers

  • Similar to the air quality feature, air ionizers function by eliminating bad particles inside a room. When turned on, the aircon emits negative ions that stick to these harmful particles, eliminating and replacing them with cleaner air particles. This feature is highly useful for users with respiratory and health issues. So if you’re the type who values clean and well-regulated air quality in your home, consider buying an aircon machine equipped with the air ionizer feature.

5.  Deodorizing Filter

  • If a musty odor is a recurring problem at home, consider getting an air conditioner equipped with a deodorizing filter. True to its name, this filter can absorb unpleasant-smelling odors such as cigarette smoke, pet essence, and food. Activated carbon is present in these filters, allowing for easy odor absorption and elimination. So if such a problem still persists with your room and old aircon unit, it’s a good sign that you need to have it replaced right away.

6.  Home Integration

  • If you’re already eyeing a smart aircon for your next purchase, then home integration should be right up in your alley of considerations. From Apple’s AI assistant Siri to Amazon’s popular voice software Alexa to Google Assistant, air conditioning machines with home integration capacity can give you added control and convenience.

7.  Smart Sensors

  • Smart sensors are a highly intuitive feature in an air conditioner that determines and controls the air direction of a unit in a room. They can also detect and suggest the right temperature for your room by sensing the temperature outside and your amount of movements when sleeping. So if you want to experience intuitive cooling, look out for an aircon machine with a built-in smart sensor.

8.  Smart Modes

  • An aircon consists of standard modes such as dry, cool, power chill, or even sleep. Smart aircons are also equipped with these similar modes that enhance the aircon experience. The only difference? Smart aircon modes are generally known to be more advanced and intuitive, increasing the chances for a better good night’s sleep. Whether it’s a fast-cooling chill mode or a motion-activated sleep mode, you can bet that a smart aircon will give you a lot of reasons to make the switch right away.

9.  Portable Aircon

  • If optimum performance and portability are your must-haves in an air conditioner unit, consider getting a portable machine. Whether you live in a landed property, a condominium unit, or a studio apartment, a portable aircon can easily fit inside your living space. While not necessarily a feature in a machine, this new aircon type is becoming more and more popular among buyers for its portability, affordability, and top-notch performance. It’s known to cool a space the same way a window or an inverter aircon would, with the added benefit of a dehumidifier feature to eliminate excess moisture. If you’re worried about installing one, don’t worry! Simply contact your local provider of aircon service in Singapore or wherever you’re located. These aircon experts can do the installing and maintenance for you.

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