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Published on October 30th, 2019 | by Bibhuranjan


Using Animatronic Technology to Make Realistic Dinosaur Costumes

Let’s admit it. We love to follow the characters shown in our favorite movies – be it The Batman, The Avengers or the heroes of the Jurassic world, ‘dinosaurs’. Not only do we like to watch them on the screen but also find ways to make them part of our families by introducing them on special events and occasions through our costumes and home décor.

The popular dinosaur culture has made them one of the most sought-after animatronic props currently available on the market. While there are many people who make an effort to develop their own animatronic dinosaurs, making them at home is surely not as easy as it may sound. In fact, it takes a great deal of effort, money and technique to create a perfectly operating animatronic dinosaur. In fact, it wouldn’t be incorrect to say that only a professional company can design and develop a realistic dinosaur as it is already being linked with the industrial chain that ensures consistent supply of relevant material and technology needed for the process.

Dinosaur, Trex, T-Rex, Tyrannosaurus Rex, Dino, Reptile

In this post, we’ll have a look at how these companies use technology to design and manufacture animatronic dinosaurs.


Design is certainly the first and the most important step in designing an animatronic dinosaur costume. For this, you have to make a foolproof draft that includes exact measurements of the dinosaur including legs, tail, body and head. Companies usually have a separate department for this purpose that comprises of art designers who can draft a perfectly-balanced dino figure. Once you have a suitable image on paper with all the vertical and horizontal perimeters, now is the time you can work on the mechanical framework.

Mechanical Framework

Mechanical frames, simply put, is used to develop the bones of a dinosaur. It helps keep the costume maintain its structure. They’re also flexible so that they can be moved in any required direction without any difficulty. Again, this work is generally performed by trained individuals who know how to mold steel to form perfect dino bones. Generally, all animatronic and electronic devices are installed on this frame that helps dino move head and roar.


The next step would be to shape the body of your realistic dinosaur. This step involves carving sponges that can be fixed on the steel body for shape. Here, the role of sculpturing is crucial as the final look of the costume mainly depends on that. Sculpturing should strictly be in accordance with the dinosaur’s body proportion.

Muscle Texture

The final appearance of the realistic dinosaur costume also depends on the making of muscle texture. Large-sized electric soldering irons are used to paint on the sponge pieces. Since, the temperature of the iron is too high, the sponge starts melting, giving it a rough texture.

Also, artists make use of a hand-sized iron to make more detailed textures that can add to the overall look of the dinosaur costume.


Once muscles have been formed with utmost perfection, the next step would be to stick silk on the sponge to create life-like dinosaur skin. Usually silk stocking are used for this purpose as they’re flexible and elastic. Many workers work together to cut silk stockings into smaller pieces (in patches to be precise) and stick those patches on the sponge. Then this artificial skin is brushed with silicone rubber for a realistic look.

Using 3D Printer to Do Skin Detailing

The companies that want to incorporate recent technology into their procedures also opt for 3D printers through which the perfectly detailed dinosaur skin can be formed in no time. 3D printers help in designing realistic dino skin that needs to be just stick on the sponge. Yes, you don’t have to carve sponge with knives or graft them to make muscle textures as this is all done by a 3D printer for you. This technique is more reliable, time-saving and lighter. The only is advantage is that it adds to the cost factor, making the entire dinosaur costume making procedure more costly.


The last step is to paint the costume. This task also requires professional expertise as paint can make or break the final look of the realistic dinosaur costume. The paint generally takes more than a week to dry. After that the teeth, eyes and other detailing are added to the costume.

While designing and creating a fully functional realistic dinosaur costume isn’t a piece of cake, technology has significantly make the entire process easier and more doable. Today, professional companies like https://onlydinosaurs.com/ make use of more and more innovative equipment to produce more detailed dinosaur costumes that can perform more actions and are more reliable and durable too.

This article was just an effort to show how your favorite realistic costumes are designed on professional scale. Realistic costumes are undoubtedly one of the best picks when it comes to special occasions. How do you use realistic costumes to make your events special? Let us know in the comments section below.

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