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Scuba Gear Guide: Is it Wise to Buy?

So, you have become invested in diving that you are sure you want to do this for the rest of your life. If you are thinking about getting your gear, you are on the right page. This article will provide a helpful guide on putting together decent scuba gear and learning how to store it safely to enjoy many more adventures under the sea.

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Enjoying diving vs being certified

There is a significant line that separates hobbyists from professional divers. That line also helps determine if it is wise to invest in your own gear and which types, or simply be satisfied with the ones you can rent for a fee.

If you are still new to diving, it may not be a good decision to fund expensive things like suits, much more life support equipment that runs on industrial battery products, which keep such a high-end unit reliable. That kind of investment can be too much since your love affair with the sport could not be measured yet with only a few big trips on the horizon.

Rental gears are not at all bad. They will take the load of storing, maintaining, packing, and lugging off your shoulders. And it is not as if you are compromising your safety on the line. Dive centres have their gears serviced and checked regularly to eliminate any risks of failure. However, if you intend to dive regularly, the costs may add up. It may even be enough to pay for a diving computer, including several backups of Li-SOCL2 batteries.

The gears to buy when you’re ready

When you obtain your license and have enough confidence to get out in the open sea more often, it’s high time that you think about getting your gear. But which gear? Scuba gears are classified between basic items and life support equipment. You might want to be keen on getting both when you are already certified because hey, they are nowhere cheap.

  • The basic gears. This group is mainly about the outfits or the kinds of stuff you would want to have as you go in and out of a scuba class. It includes a scuba mask, snorkel, fins, and wetsuit. They are personal items that come in unbelievably confusing quality classes. But don’t fret about getting the most expensive. Anything that fits, feels comfortable, and lets you enjoy what you do while you are in them are good enough. There is no need to fuss over the price tag or too many specifications.
  • The life support equipment. As you climb up the level for divers, you might also want to look into getting your own set of life support, including a BCD or buoyancy control device, plus diving regulators and computers. They are highly technical items, and you need to establish your diving needs clearly to identify which type to buy.

It is no joke to finance a complete scuba gear. Before you take the plunge, so to speak, be sure your reasons can make the money worthwhile. You must also be ready to keep your tools properly stored and well-maintained to last you many dives and countless fun underwater.

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