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Python – The In-Demand Programming Language in the Market

Programming languages have played a critical role in how technology is acting up today. Every once a while, a new and robust programming language is introduced that makes technology companies revive their whole procedure. This is because clients always want the latest and the products and services the companies offer should abide by the requirements and demands of the customers. Python is one programming language that has been in demand since its inception. It has evolved into being one of the most preferred programming languages by both the tech companies and consumers around the world. This has resulted in a massive demand for Python developers. Companies are headhunting top developers with expertise in Python language. Python is interpreted, high-level, free and open source, and blessed with a large community.

Some of the top tech companies like Google, Facebook, Reddit, Spotify, Netflix, Instagram, and Dropbox, among others, actively use Python programming. This has resulted in aspiring developers and programmers going for Python Certification.

Now, those who are confused about whether to take the path of Python or any other programming language, this post will help you understand why Python is currently the most profitable and ‘career-oriented’ language.

Easy to learn and understand

Compared to other programming languages such as Java, C, C++, etc., Python is the most sought after programming language. This is because Python is easy to learn and understand. Despite being the most powerful programming language, developers, even beginners find its concepts easy and relatable. Consider Python as the English language – it is easy and expressive. Just like you speak English, you code in Python. You can easily create solutions, solve errors, and others can understand it quickly and easily too. Thanks to Python’s clean, simple, and easy to understand syntax, you can create even the most complex programs in simpler ways. Consider the example where we print “World Environment Day” in Python and Java and see the difference:


public class HelloWorld {

public static void main(String[] args) {

System.out.println(“World Environment Day”);




print (“World Environment Day”)

Portability and Compliance

When it comes to portability and compliance, no other programming is as flexible as Python. Its features allow programmers and developers to perform cross-language operations faultlessly. That is, Python is supported by the majority of the operating platforms for ease of access and use. Platforms like PlayStation, Solaris, Macintosh, Linux, and Windows easily support Python. On the other hand, the extensible and compliance features of Python programming language allows developers and programmers to integrate Python with other powerful programming languages like C, C++, and Java libraries. Moreover, Python can also be integrated with .NET components. As said, Python, like the English language, is dynamically typed; hence, there are no difficult procedures on how to construct features – it is really flexible.

Most Preferred for Web Application Development

Web applications are the newfound way of marketing the business and attract the target audience. In the present scenario, every business, whether small or big, requires a website that acts as the communication medium between the vendor and the consumer. So, more and more businesses are looking for robust ways to build an attractive, user-friendly website that can help preserve the online presence of their businesses. Python is one such language that boasts a wide array of frameworks for web application development. Some popular frameworks like Django, Flask, and Pylons that are used in web application development are written in Python. This allows the programmers to write codes faster and perform web scrapping.

The Future of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is slowly becoming a part of the digital trend, and the tech giants see it as a big revolution in the tech industry. Python programming allows you to create programs and machines that can mimic the human brain, giving them the power to think, make decisions, and analyse situations. Python programming language boasts dedicated libraries such as Keras and TensorFlow that bring machine learning functionality into the mix. These are the pre-defined Python libraries that have the ability to learn without being unambiguously programmed. In the present scenario, companies from different industries, whether it is real estate, technology, e-commerce, etc. are using bots for client handling.

Newfound way of Computer Graphics Development

Python Programming language has been actively used for the development of desktop and graphical user interface applications that includes both online and offline, small and large projects. The Tkinter library in Python is responsible for fast and easy creation of GUI applications. Thanks to this, you can see some state-of-the-art computer and mobile games flourishing at the moment. Python library incorporates some handy pre-defined functions that help developers create some of the most prominent and high-loading gaming applications for different platforms. The developers use the ‘pygame’ module in Python for writing the logic for gaming applications that also runs on Android devices.

Testing Frameworks Made Easy

Validating products and ideas is a critical step taken by the tech companies before introducing them to the consumers and markets. Python programming language incorporates numerous built-in testing frameworks covering the fastest workflows and debugging. Modules like Selenium and Splinter are the two most proficient Python tools for easy testing of frameworks. Although testing is the most fundamental aspect of development, it can get tedious at times. However, with Python, testing frameworks has become a lot easier and has boosted the whole development process.

Big Data Handling

Python programing language boasts a whole host of data libraries, which makes it the established choice for data handling and processing. Python has been widely used for big data handling due to its exceptional level of transparency. It makes coding faster and supports parallel computing that allows developers to code in Hadoop as well.


Python has emerged as a popular programming language that has a variety of applications in different fields and industries. More and more companies are looking for certified Python developers who can create sustainable solutions for them.

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