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3 Ways to Grow your Social Media Accounts

Having a social media presence plays a huge role today. Though it is purely virtual, it has become a benchmark for our status in society. The more followers you have, the more confident you are likely to feel especially if you are a part of Generation Z.

Social media is also important for businesses as it gives them a platform to update their consumers. It also helps them in advertising to potential customers. But how does one efficiently grow a social media account? Well, there are a number of ways one could go about it but here are the 3 best ways you can consider:

  • Produce Valuable Content

No one likes content that does not bring value to their life. If one cannot relate to your content, why would they even consider becoming a loyal follower?

For example, there is an E-Commerce brand that sells pharmaceutical drugs but all they do on their social media account is attach a plain link to one of their products. This is clearly not a winning formula as for once the brand might gain a few followers but the followers will eventually see the account as spam due to stale content alongside a lack of interaction.

To make sure your social media account is seen as a valuable entity, you must produce valuable content. The value you bring could be educational or entertainment as long as it seems interactive. Post memes that might be relatable to your audience, this brings out the emotions of your followers and can lead to a high amount of shares. Statistical content that educates them on any particular topic is also good as it could indirectly prove the wisdom that you can bring to them.

  • Be consistent

Consistency is key in any field you wish to be successful in and social media is no different. There are millions of posts on social media on a daily basis and if you are someone who posts once every week or so, your post will likely be lost in the large pile of content. This generally leads to your followers getting bored and eventually unfollowing you altogether.

Make sure you are bringing out content every other day if not every day to your social media account. This will help you in generating followers that are loyal and will interact with you on a regular basis. Another advantage consistency brings with itself is the opportunity to post unconventional yet valuable content on your account which further lets you experiment with your audience based on impressions.

  • Engage a lot

Being consistent and producing valuable content is important but can prove to be useless if not combined by engagement. Now, posting content is also engagement. However, there is a reason why your social media platform provides the option to comment on any particular post or the option to send a message to another social media account. This is to create sub-impressions on any particular topic that was discussed by you.

If you regularly interact with your audience, it makes them feel worthy, that their voice is being heard by you and the rest of your audience. It also makes them feel as if they are further adding value to your already valuable content. This feeling of worth generates loyalty on the audience’s part.

If you are a brand, engagement is even more important as your inbox and comment section is likely to have multiple questions regarding your product or they might have a complaint they want to put out. If you wish to keep your customers, you must religiously make sure to send in a response to as many comments or messages as you possibly can.


Growing a Social Media account can be complicated especially due to the amount of competition that exists today. Some even tend to give up on their dreams when they are unable to grow their accounts. Businesses get shut down while some get depressed as they feel socially incompatible due to a lack of followers. However, if you follow our list of the 3 best ways to grow your social media accounts, you are bound to see success at a rapid pace.

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