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8 Home Security Basics You Need to Teach Your Children

With the hustle and bustle of everyday life, it’s nearly impossible to protect your children every moment throughout the day. This is why it’s imperative that you teach your children a handful of home security basics. These tips will help you keep your kids safer while they’re home alone.


1. Show them how to handle emergencies.

Don’t make the mistake of assuming that an emergency won’t happen while you’re away. Write down emergency phone numbers, such as your contact numbers and the 911 emergency line, on a scrap piece of paper. Keep this piece of paper near the phone at all times. If your home lacks a land line, add these numbers to your children’s cell phones. Research has shown that burglaries have been stopped in their tracks due to children utilizing emergency contact numbers.

2. Tell your children about what they shouldn’t do while home alone.

Start by helping them understand the importance of never letting anyone know that their parents aren’t home. If a devious individual finds out that a child’s parents aren’t at home, the risk of trouble heightens greatly. Some older children have strong interests in tools and cars, and they might often spend time in the garage. Explicitly inform your children about not going into the garage while home alone. If they need to visit that area for any reason at all, the garage door should remain shut at all times.

3. Inform them about security alarm basics.

If your home isn’t already equipped with a home security alarm system, it’s advised that you get one as soon as possible. This is especially critical if there are times when your children are unsupervised at home. At this point, there are a number of alarm systems available that are packed with features, even options that make it easier for children to use them. If you plan to purchase an alarm system, hire a certified and fully trained locksmith to install it. Once installed, it’s your job to teach your children exactly how the home alarm system works and how to use it.

4. Instruct your kids on how to properly use security cameras.

Children are sneaky, and if they’re doing something in secret that you would be less than thrilled about, they’re liable to cover security cameras or disable them to hide their behavior. Stress the importance of leaving security cameras alone. Simply turning a camera off for a mere five minutes can be the difference between stopping a burglary and failing to do so.

5. Teach your children how to handle strangers.

Not all strangers have malicious motives, but it’s virtually impossible to separate deception from honesty in many cases. It’s even harder for children to make this distinction. If your children are home alone and a stranger happens to ring the front doorbell, they should address the individual over an intercom rather than open the front door. This is arguably the most important security basic that you should teach your children.

6. Show your children how to feel and stay secure.

Children learn best through watching their parents do things on a daily basis. Therefore, you should be closing and locking every window and door in the home on a regular basis. This will help instill the habit in your children as well. Stress the importance of closing all doors and windows in the home when you aren’t at home with your children. Ensure that every single door and window has a lock, and that they all work. If you find an unsecured window or door, consult with a locksmith about choosing a practical lock and installing it for better home security.

7. Remind your children about the security alarm’s codes.

Alarm system security codes are not lax pieces of information that can be shared or talked about. Make sure your kids know the codes by heart, and tell them about the importance of not sharing these numbers with anyone other than those living in the home.

8. Lastly, show your children how to handle the alarm system.

The alarm system in your home is mostly useless if your kids don’t know how to use it. They must know how to activate and deactivate it, and you should have them demonstrate how to properly do this while you observe. Active demonstration is one of the best ways to help your children how to use the security alarm system.

With the use of these simple tips and hints, you’ll feel much more content about leaving your children home alone. You can do everything in the world to protect your kids from the threats of every day life, but if they don’t know how to actively protect themselves, they are left extremely vulnerable. It might take some time to instill these new habits in your children, but they will benefit greatly in the long run.

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