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The Beginner’s Guide To Get Found On Instagram

Today, Instagram is one of the most used social media app among youth. It has over one billion users worldwide. And, none of us can deny the rise of Instagram business and the brands who are constantly digging on the latest Instagram marketing strategies. For instance – Nike uses Instagram stories feature to promote inspirational athlete stories that are not available anywhere else, or celebrities regularly go Live to keep in touch with their fans.

It wouldn’t be wrong if we just call the ‘Explore’ section on Instagram, the new Google of the social media world. It helps you discover, posts, hashtags, popular faces, celebrities and everything else. Also, since the search recommendation by Instagram on the same tab depends on the things that you follow, posts that you like – it becomes almost necessary for the brands to tap on this page. Because if they want to reach out to a targeted section of people and get real Instagram followers, there’s practically no better opportunity.

5 Tips for you to follow to get discovered on Instagram

  • Use keywords as names

Let’s first start with your Instagram name. Many of us aren’t even aware if you add keywords to your name section in your page, it makes it more searchable, customizable and distinct from the Instagram ‘username’. It also increases your chances to be discovered first. Check out this screen capture from the profile of Miss Europe 2017 and see how her name depicts the exact same keywords.

insta name 1.png


  • Optimize your bio with hashtags

Instagram bio is basically used to define the purpose of your business. But did you know you can make it search-friendly with some keywords and #hashtags. You can also make an attempt to write clickable hashtags in your bio which will, in turn, increases your chances of appearing in the search results whenever that particular hashtag is searched.

Here’s a stunning example of an accessories venture for you to dig out some inspiration:

insta pic 2.png


In the first picture, it clearly shows how Kapten & Son have used its self-crafted hashtag #bekapten in its bio, which not only establishes a brand voice but also creates a stunning portfolio for that hashtag, as shown in the second picture.

  • Add location tags

If you haven’t already started using the exemplary location tag on your posts, start doing it today!

You have no idea what wonders it can create – it can literally help you walk miles on the search bar. Whenever the particular location is searched, chances are your account will also pop-up on the nearby viewers depending on the timeliness and popularity if your post. Employ this tip for both your stories and posts and let the magic unravel.

Exploit the power of hashtags

Here’s a fact check for all of you who think hashtags make you look clumsy, a post with hashtag on an average engages 12.6% more times than without a hashtag and get Instagram followers. Hashtags are the golden-egg in the gameplay of being found on Instagram – if increases visibility manifolds attracting new followers every day. The hashtag even has a special story button where people can watch live stories connected to those hashtags. Not only that, if you use relevant hashtags to your industry, it will help you reach out to the viewers who are genuinely interested to know more about you and your brand. Here’s an example –

A screenshot of a cell phone Description automatically generated


Initiate engagement with other brands

The Instagram algorithm keeps them aware of each and every activity of literally every account. Here, with activities, I mean the account we follow, the accounts who follow us, things we search, posts we like and videos that we watch. The reason why all the suggestions on your explore page are irresistible – they do the math and show you exactly what you want to see. So, if you embrace a good ‘Instagram’ relationship with complimentary brands and followers, you can tap the search section of the ‘Explore’ page also! You can also automate the action. To know more read > Best Instagram Bots for Safe Automation in 2020.

The Instagram algorithm is working hard behind the scenes of Instagram Search to always deliver not only the most accurate results but also the most relevant results. Now all you have to do is make it to the list of relevance (with the help of these tips) to reach out to your prospects!

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