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Quality Tech that Will Give You a Green Thumb

Agriculture has been a staple of human life for thousands of years. Over time, people have been inventing technology that further increases the efficiency of agriculture. Nowadays, there are all kinds of devices and apps made to improve your planting experience. These kinds of devices not only make planting more convenient but can help you yield stronger, better crops. Apps allow you to retrieve gardening advice on the go. Whether for conventional gardening or non-conventional agriculture like hydroponics, new tech is constantly being made to improve your gardening.

Hydroponic Chillers

When cultivating culture using the hydroponic method, it is imperative that you keep the water at a cool temperature. This is because it helps increase the efficiency of nutrient absorptions as well as keeping the roots healthy. However, maintaining the water at a cool temperature may not be easy. Utilizing cold water or ice packs can help, but you won’t be able to keep the water at that temperature. This is where hydroponic chillers come in. Also known as water chillers, hydroponic chillers are mechanisms that cool that water in your setup to a certain temperature and, additionally, keeping it that way. There are multiple methods to hydroponics, including a Deep Water Culture System, or DWC, and Nutrient Film Technique, or NFT. Regardless of the method, hydroponic chillers can be built to work for any of them. It’s convenient for you because it means less work and not having to keep buying ice packs. North Slope Chillers have an array of options that work very well.

The Parrot Pot

This product is a smart pot that’s connected to an app. The app can be accessed with your phone or tablet. It is through this app that you can control the pot. The pot has the ability to track the light, nutrition, and soil within. It could even dispense water. One quality that separates this smart planting pot from the rest is the irrigation system. The Parrot Pot can additionally irrigate multiple different plants at once.

The Plant Doctor

Like children and pets, your pants may get sick. What’s worse is that you may not know why. That’s why the app “The Plant Doctor” was made. Available on iTunes, The Plant Doctor has you answer a series of questions about your sick plant. Depending on your answers, the app will give you a final verdict. It’s with this new data that you can solve the problem as soon as you can.

Rachio 3 Smart Sprinkler Controller

You may think that this is just a sprinkler system you can turn on and off with your phone. However, it’s more than that. This product collects information about your yard. It then uses weather data to create an appropriate sprinkler schedule. Your yard will be watered not only at certain times but with a certain amount of water. Besides the weather, other factors that play into determining this include sunlight and the type of plant life growing in your yard.

Just as agriculture will always be a part of human life, so will technology that strives to further improve it. More and more devices like smart sprinklers and pots are maintaining the gardening for you. Your yard and plants will look great while you still have plenty of time to yourself. Thanks to the invention of smartphones, you can receive almost any type of advice just about anywhere. Horticulture is certainly no exception to this rule. As technology continues to improve, so does the efficiency of gardening and agriculture.

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