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Drones are making a farming more efficient – an infographic explains

Drones are transforming industries through increased inspection and sensing capabilities. Drones are now being used in different agricultural segments from crop health scanning, irrigation inspection, livestock monitoring, and for fertilizer/pesticide application. Having a flying platform capable of being customized to fit its specific need such as for crop spraying or for information gathering has never been easier. Plant health sensors that run NDVI (normalized difference vegetation index) are so compact now they can be outfitted to smaller consumer drones like the DJI Phantom or even the DJI Mavic. These sensors come with software that is incredibly easy to use and does the analysis of the information gathered for you. This information accurately identifies crop stress, discovers disease earlier, and can track the success of fertilizer application. This data also provides other insights which can be integrated into other farm management platform such as John Deere’s Operations Center, who also specializes in cotton harvesting parts and farm equipment. This integration makes it even easier for farmers to operate the drones themselves and to gather the information as often as they need to. As farmers can identify potential problems before they happen, this technology is invaluable for farmers because with greater information, more informed decisions can be made resulting in greater yields and increased profits.

Dronefly, a major thermal and multispectral imaging drone vendor has compiled the top four drone use cases and put them into an easy to follow infographic. Check it out below or on their site.

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