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5 Ultimate Tech Solutions for Business Travelers in 2016

Running a business is never an easy thing, especially when you are constantly on the road or on a plane, making new business deals around the globe. Today, however, business travelers can use dozens of incredibly practical modern gadgets for business travels. Since the market is brimming with hundreds of devices, we have made a selection of tech-essentials for businesspeople.


Different countries, different power supplies

While most European countries have the power utility frequency of 50 Hz, in Asian and American countries this feature is 60 Hz. This is why the appliances made for one market do not function properly in an environment with different utility frequency. To avoid any inconveniences, business travelers have to get plug adapters and bring them on their journeys. If you have more than one gadget, it is advisable to buy more adapters, so that all your devices can be charged at the same time. Here you can learn more about the best models for 2016.

Weigh the luggage, avoid extra expenses

Changing plane to get from one continent to another in the shortest time possible can cause some additional expenses. For instance, it might happen that some of the airliners your fly with have a strict policy,considering the weight of your luggage. If you do not know how heavy your bags are, you might be charged more than you have expected during the check-in. To prevent yourself to being exposed to additional expenses, you should get luggage scales. They usually cost less than $10 and such a minor investment can save you a lot of nerve and money. Read more about luggage-related tricks on the Lonely Planet website.

Travel-friendly battery pack

With the majority of smartphones having batteries between 2000 mAh and 3000 mAh, a traveling businessperson could easily be left with a dead battery in the middle of an important conversation. In order to get round such a situation, every traveler has to have a power bank ready in their bag. It is usually smaller than the smartphone itself and it can be easily stored wherever you want. A portable charger will ensure that your smartphone battery hangs on until you reach your hotel room and charge it. According to PC Advisor’s review, Zendure A2 is currently the most exquisite power bank. Ifyou want to have a look at other practical portable chargers, have a look at the full review.

Portable projector

Now that everybody wants to be entertained and amused by HD videos and visually rich presentations, an active business manager has to take such modern trends into consideration. Presenting your business plan or the company in an old-school PowerPoint presentation might be a little bit outdated. What can save the day and make you look like a proactive entrepreneur is having a pocket projector in your bag. This device can project 1080p videos and its battery can hold for two hours. Also, this little miracle has its own speakers, which makes it an all-in-one presentation device. The best thing is that when you finish your work day, you can use it in your hotel room and project your favorite video games onto the walls.

Multi-purpose notebook

Now that we have mentioned games, we should also discuss the last, but not the least item on our business-traveler check list. Modern entrepreneurs need to have notebooks with powerful processing units and ample RAM space. Their device needs to run demanding software tools, as well as large video files. However, their notebooks should also be able to stand even more difficult tasks. Since those people are often away from their home and friends, they should have some me-time and fun in another way. The most obvious thing that you can do on your own is play video games. This activity will be much more comfortable if you bring along a portable projector. Also, free up your SSD drive before the journey starts. Every newly installed game requires a certain amount of space. If your hard disk is full, the laptop will work much slower, affecting the gaming speed.


This is only the tip of the electronic iceberg when it comes to business-enhancing tech devices. They can solve most of your business-related tasks. And then, when the business rush dies down, you can relax and get ready for another round of business trips. We hope our selection of cutting-edge devices will turn your future business travels into amusing and successful experiences.


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