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How Virtual Reality Change Online Casino Gambling Experience

Due to the advancement of technology, it results in a rapid shift in culture and in the way people do things. Many become more demanding and impatient, knowing that there’s an easier way to do things through the use of technology. Today’s population are used to instant access to information and services in various industries. Of course, the gambling sector is not an exception.

Cutting edge innovations paved the way to better casino technology, thus improving the gambling experience of many. More and more technological trends appear transforming gambling in more ways than one. Online gambling is the new trend since internet access is now possible even on mobile.

Compared to gambling in brick and mortar casinos, it is so much more convenient to play online. Apart from the accessibility, it will also save you from dealing with large crowds, traveling, and spending money on other expenses like food and beverage. Yes, you can now do your favorite hobby while at home!

However, there are also downsides of online casinos. It’s a lack of realism since everything is just digital. It is similar to playing video games and you don’t have social interaction with other gamers. Playing offline means you have the chance to meet new people who can be excellent additions to your network.

The solution? Virtual reality. There are also live dealer games so the player can actually see a real person involved in the game. But this experience is totally different from using virtual reality.

How Online Casinos Use Virtual Reality

Virtual reality is a popular technology wherein users wear VR glasses as they are brought to a different environment. This makes gaming more exciting because you are in a new world. In online casinos, VR is used to give its players the full gambling experience from walking around the casino, smoking cigar, and others.

The first online casino to use VR is Slots Million allowing users to walk around the room. You will even have a better experience if you use Oculus Rift so you can take a legit route. They released titles “Jack and the Beanstalk” and “Gonzo’s Quest” from NetEnt.

It is interesting to note that slot machines will spin in front of you and you will see money, gems, or coins once you win. Other people will also celebrate your victory as they are seen dancing around you. This experience will make you feel like you are actually standing in a room with the rest of the characters.

Apart from slots, roulette games can also be played in virtual reality. Microgaming designed a space-themed roulette game which has a futuristic feel. The game will allow you to actually pick up chips, collect bets, spin the wheel, and others. In a blackjack game, you will be impressed with a realistic setup wherein you have a dealer, a real blackjack table, a stack of chips, and even a drink.

With NetEnt and Microgaming working on VR games for casinos, it is expected to see an increase in casinos offering virtual reality. These days, the graphics are not very impressive, but this will no doubt evolve through the years. Once the graphics are improved, the experience will become even more realistic!

The Future of VR in Online Casinos

Apparently, there are a lot of changes in online casino gambling with the help of VR technology. It provides allow gamers to be immersed in a different world. With the help of VR, you will definitely have a great time since the setting is similar to a real-life casino.

Using virtual reality not only gives the punter a realistic casino, but players can also interact with other people. Although you cannot exchange numbers or business cards, it is still better compared to merely staring at a screen.

This technology is an excellent alternative for players who do not want to visit casinos but still wants to play poker and other games. But why is it that VR is not widely used in this industry despite its positive impact? What’s slowing VR is the expensive hardware that you need to purchase to have a complete experience.

High-end headsets like Oculus Rift and HTC Vive are definitely not cheap. You can also try mobile units like Daydream View by Google, Samsung Gear VR, or Google Cardboard. Once you decide to try VR for online casinos, you need to complete your equipment. Aside from headsets, you can also buy a controller which can also be useful in other VR games.

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