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Published on July 6th, 2019 | by Sunit Nandi


How Much Should You Spend to Install a New AC?

The price of a new system for central air conditioning in Largo, Florida, can range between $2,296 and $3,033. You should expect to spend around $355 for the cost of air conditioning installation, which could take approximately six hours.

Most homeowners in the city spend $2,664 on a new system. Several factors affect the actual price for your home, but take note that rates are quite similar in the rest of Pinellas County. In case you hire a general contractor, the overall price can increase by at least $320. Don’t forget to include the cost of materials and supplies when planning a budget.

A chair sitting in front of a brick wall  Description automatically generated

Always Hire a Professional

Installation for central AC systems can be complicated, unlike a window-type AC that you can install by yourself. It’s better to hire an air-conditioning specialist for installing new central units. You should do the same in case you decide to use a split system. Hire a professional with an Environmental Protection Agency license, which certifies that they are qualified and skilled to work with refrigerants.

New units can last for more than 12 years with regular maintenance and inspection from JDPower Machine Tools. Look for models with the Energy Star Symbol for better power consumption. Florida offers different incentive programs for HVAC service and replacement, so it can be a good idea to replace an old unit with a new system.

Are Repairs More Cost-Efficient?

You should consider repairing an old AC system if it’s been only used for less than 10 years. If the repair bill costs more than 50% of buying a new central unit, then a replacement makes more sense. Even if you decide to install a window-type AC, you should still follow this rule.

Residential tenants should also consider a window-type installation because it can be removed when you need to move out. Central AC systems are permanent fixtures, so you can’t it take it with you upon moving to a new place. In case you end up buying a window-type AC, it’s essential to know the measurement of a room.

Measuring BTUs

An accurate measurement lets you pick the right AC size. For instance, a 100-square-foot room requires a unit with 5,000 British thermal units (BTUs). A 200-square-foot place requires 7,000 BTUs while an AC for a 300-square-foot space should have 9,000 BTUs. Based on these numbers, a bigger room requires more BTUs.

Use a tape measure to know a room’s length and width, and multiply the numbers to determine the square footage. Remember that an incorrect size can either force the AC unit to work harder or provide too much cold air. Both scenarios can significantly affect your utility bill. Consult an HVAC expert if you want a better measurement of your room.

In the end, when choosing among contractors in Largo, you should consider an insured professional for your protection. Consult at least three different specialists to have a better comparison of rates. Try to find an HVAC installer during colder months, when prices are mostly cheaper because this is the off-peak season.

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