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Does Alpha-Generation Need a Super Education?

In the last generation, we’ve seen some of the biggest leaps in technology that humankind has ever experienced. While a landline phone, television, and a single home computer made up most of the previous generation’s household technology, Generation Alpha was brought up on smartphones. Meanwhile, those in the Millennial year range didn’t see them until middle school or later (For those wondering “What are the generations called?”: Millennials are in their mid- to late twenties or early thirties; Alpha kids are still in school). This has changed the way learning has been viewed. In a world of 144-character tweets, what is the importance of writing skills, after all? This is why the Alpha Generations needs a new kind of education.

Alpha’s Problem With Writing

One of the downsides to learning to communicate on the internet and through phones is that writing can be left to the wayside. That leads to a generation of people writing “defination” or thinking “we real cool”. And why should they learn how to write a paper or a profile essay when they can use sites such as  to get essays? They’ll never learn how to write a good hook that way! There are many reasons why writing is important in life: It helps you to communicate like an adult, it will help you in the workplace and can boost your chances of being hired. These are all reasons that Alpha kids should be taught, not only how to write, but why writing is important.

Internet is Everywhere

The internet is a major part of the Alpha generation’s life. That’s another fact that makes education different from the one applied for previous generations. These are the students that went in knowing how to use this vast new resource. Because of that, information can be found easier and faster. However, this information is not always reliable. It’s essential for today’s students to learn how to find legitimate sources, both online and in the library. This should be a major part of their education since it affects every subject they are going to learn about.

Old and Outdated

The “old-school” methods of education don’t work as well with the Alpha generation. This is a group that has got used to receiving information or answers in almost the same instance that they want them. Because of that and other reasons, the old methods of teaching don’t work so well with them. More and more schools are putting into place new teaching plans, based on what modern research tells us actually works. Instead of ignoring the modern technology in their lives (the way many Millennials found that their schools did), they are embracing them and incorporating them into their educational plans.

Using Technology for Education

As mentioned above, more and more schools are embracing technology. It’s isn’t unusual to walk into classrooms of all kinds (preschool, high school, college) to find that everyone has a device out and even using it. Some schools give students tablets or laptops, on which they can do many tasks: Take notes, play educational games, do homework, and much more. This is a step in the right direction: Alphas are used to these devices and utilizing them makes the learning process easier for many. It also opens up a world of options for teachers.

Online Resources

There are more online resources available for students now than ever before. While the Baby Boomers had to walk to the local library for essay sources, an Alpha could simply use a virtual library. Snow days used to mean that no learning could be done, and a day was wasted. Now, students can participate in distance learning from their own homes. They might not like it, but they can.

The Alpha generation is in a new, uncharted world when it comes to education. In order to succeed, they’re going to need to be taught in a different way than any other group has before. But this “super education” will help them succeed in the technological boom the world is experiencing.

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